I have been super busy and stressed out at work for no reason. I also have been recovering from an injury. So I've been using the injury and the anti new years resolution as a reason to lazy, eat fat food and stop exercising.

I think I may still be recovering from a mild concussion so I've been using that as an excuse to slack off. The good news is I started my stretching exercises again. And I'm actually really looking forward to going to the gym and getting back into shape. I think the prescribed laziness while enjoyable is my standard. I think my habits are actually good in a sense that I crave exercising, stretching, and working on my side projects.

I broke my phone in my big fall that gave me a concussion. I just googled concussion and it says it takes about 100 days to recover from and that you aren't suppose to do physical or mental exertion. Shit... uh. I've been mentally overexerting myself at work. It's weird though, I don't think I've been recovering slower by mentally exhausting myself... but who knows. Maybe I'm making myself dumber by doing work.

I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time just waiting. I broke my phone and I really want to get a new one. But I'm waiting for the Zenfone 2 to come out. Or the Blu Life One 2015 to come out. I'm just waiting for myself to recover so that I can resume exercising.

I also planned out most of my events / travel up until this July. I'm planning on working remotely for the entire month of June in Canada. Then I'll fly to LA to attend anime expo. It just feels that so much of my time right now is waiting. Waiting for the phones to come out, waiting tv shows, and video games. Waiting for my trip back to Toronto.

I know I'm suppose to live in the present and enjoy every moment. And I do, but at the same time it feels like the future can't come soon enough. blargh. The funny juxtaposition is that I feel like I'm getting old. Before I could game until 5am, sleep until 1pm, and repeat. And now that actually wipes me out. So there's the weird contrast of not wanting to get old, but wanting the future to arrive faster. Weird huh.

tl;dr - don't like getting old but I waste time waiting for the future</strong></p>