This week I've missed my Wednesday Yoga and my Thursday workout. It's interesting how everything work related always falls on Wednesday. On Wednesday I went with my coworkers on a testing session of the Android application that I've been working on. The testing session naturally went into my yoga time and I was forced to skip yoga. But honestly... I could've skipped the testing session and went to yoga. I chose to do the testing session with my coworkers.

I guess... if I could go back in time I would still choose to spend the night with my coworkers vs yoga. The time spent was coworkers was a good bonding experience and something time bending I guess. But on the other hand... yoga is only available once a week after work. And that's Wednesday.

I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix. It's been an interesting show. It feels very power rangers like or sentai. Pretty much every episode is some supernatural thing that Buffy has to deal with and then she deals with it and everyone is happy. I think I've seen too many shows in a sense that watching Buffy... everything just feels so hard to believe. I mean... how come there are so many demons but vampires don't ever accidentally hunt a demon or something. Like... there's a pact where everything supernatural only targets Buffy. I guess it is a television show after all.

I think as a kid I really wanted to watch Buffy but then I could never watch all the episodes or that my parents wouldn't let me watch it. Watching the show honestly feels like traveling back in time because I recognize the actress mainly from How I Met Your Mother.

I recently read this article on the 50 best series on Netflix and Buffy was rated #20+ something. There's like so much content on Netflix for me to watch that I literally have no time to watch everything. Same thing with video games... and books. My video game backlog is growing much faster than the rate that I can play through it. And my book backlog is also growing at a much faster rate that I can read through it. I think I should write an article on just how there's not enough time to do everything and that you should focus on the most important things. But I legitimately want to play all the games, watch all the shows, read all the books.

I went to hip hop class today by myself. It was lots of fun. I think that I'm okay as long as I'm present and in the class. The second that I start thinking about work / the past / the future I start sucking in class. And so... I guess hip hop class trains me to live in the moment.

tl;dr - getting fat. watching Buffy the vampire slayer.</strong></p>