Sigh. I realize that I've become that which I despise. The people who talk about how much junk they eat and how they really want to exercise. The people talking about how fat they are because food is so delicious.

It's really dumb. I think I've somehow fallen into the fat mentality. I haven't been working out and I've just been making bullshit excuses. It's almost like at this point... I identify with being lazy and fat and consuming junk food.

Champions are made through training. By working when other people are asleep. I'm going to go back to my 3 days of working out with 2 of them being night time workouts again. Gym days will be Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Sunday afternoon. I just need to walk to the gym. The weights don't matter. The workouts don't matter. I just need to show up and the rest will take care of itself.

My time bending exercise for this week... hasn't been done yet. But I'm thinking of being like that guy in the ted video and just getting a manicure / pedicure. I haven't ever gotten one.. so I'd think that it would be a time bending experience.

I went to yoga yesterday. The thing is... I was having a lot of trouble just focusing on yoga because my mind was always on work or other things. I think I just need to meditate and exercise more. My lower levels of exercising is messing up with my clear mindedness. Like the  mantra of soul eater - a healthy soul resides in a healthy body with a healthy mind or something. Gotta exercise more.

tl;dr - gym sessions are scheduled in stone. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.</strong></p>