This is a jdrama based off a manga which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. First off - the theme song is by Arashi… and Arashi is one of my favorite groups like Exile. So the song is amazing.

The story is about two orphans who grew up together in the same place. Their caretaker was murdered and the police covered up the murder. As they grew up they wanted revenge for the murder that wasn’t investigated. Toma Ikuta plays Ikuo who is one of the two twin dragons. He grew up to become a police detective whie Shun Oguri plays Tatsuya who grew up to become a leader in the yakuza world. I actually really liked both of these actors from Hana Kimi and Oguri Shun has really grown on me cause he actually acts in a lot of cool dramas. There were some pretty bad action scenes though. Then again… jdramas aren’t really know for the realistic action and fight scenes or whatever.

Some of the things that I disliked was that there were way way too many flashbacks. There are flashbacks to scenes in the same episodes. I think that’s a general complaint that I have with jdramas in general. The other thing that I kinda didn’t liked was I guess it’s true for all dramas is how things always coincidentally fall into place. Like… the hero is always there at the last second to save the day or whatever. Or the villain always escape the first encounter only to be subsequently chased down. But whatever. It’s a drama I guess that’s to be expected.

I actually quite liked the character development of the two dragons. Although they both started down the path of revenge… you can see how at various times they think about letting go and stuff. I’m kinda really tempted to spoil the ending. Let’s just say that the ending surprised me in a good way. And I really enjoyed the ending. If not for the ending… I think this would’ve just been a good jdrama. I think that’s the difference that separates good from great.

tl;dr - I think ouroboros was a great jdrama for me. Amazing characters and theme song by Arashi. Each episode moved the plot forward and kept you wanting more in the suspense/mystery category. Ending was great