Tantei no Tantei

It’s a suspense/mystery jdrama about corrupt detectives. One detective is trying to track down the detective that is responsible for her sister’s murder.

My biggest complaint about this jdrama is how ridiculous the action is. First of all the main character is like.. a tiny skinny girl. She’s like skinny even amongst japanese idol standards… or maybe not. But anyways… they show her practicing boxing and like kicking ass. It kinda reminded me of Ichi pound of Fukuin when Kamenashi was playing a boxer but he was uber skinny. I think this is even more extreme. Because uh… she gets hit by baseball bats on the end and then just tanks it. I mean… I guess dramas aren’t about belief and realism but it’s just hard to buy into. Her power level also flucuates crazily. In one scene she’ll effortlessly beat up some guys and in another she’ll struggle. And it’s all against fodder. +_+. I guess ignoring the action scenes that are retarded in jdramas and the fact that she’s a super skinny tank/wimp depending on random(100) it’s not too bad of a show.

In every drama there’s the useless character. And in this one the main character has a useless sidekick. She plays the role of the girl that needs saving. And uh… yeah she gets saved many times. I dunno. I dunno why there’s always a useless character that needs saving/helping in every jdrama. Why can’t there be no useless characters. I mean. It’s all about darwinism and survival of the fittest. At what point do we draw the line of helping uber negative and useless people? Hmmm. Maybe I’m just a horrible person who believes in darwinism and letting the weak get evolved out.

Oh yeah. Since this show is about detectives. There’s just so much crazy. Like… you don’t understand how people can grow up / old. Like… one of the characters just gets into bouts of crazy. But like… she’s only crazy during the duration of the drama. So like… let’s say she’s 30. She’s sane from age 0 ~ 29. And at age 30 she has 6 months worth of crazy. Or some shit like that. And the crazy just overlaps with the duration of the drama. I guess crazy people add to the plot of detectives after all. The other thing is that… I’m not sure how people can afford things. And live in mansions. /shrug.

tl;dr - Tantei no Tantei was interesting since you kept wondering til the end. The action scenes were horrible. Plot is decent I guess. Wouldn’t really recommend it though. I watched it for Haruhi and the girl with the hot bitch face