I've decided to stop putting images in my reviews because I feel all the best reviews from the best writers are pure text. I want to work on improving my writing and images don't add value when the writing is the key part.

I recently finished Zettai Zareshi. I watched it all in one day with some slight fast forwarding. The summary of the drama is that it is definitely shoujo. For me it was sad and heartwarming at the same time. It made me feel emo after watching it, so it's similar to what ToraDora did to my friend.

Riiko is the female protagonist. She is inexperienced and old fashioned. She's the type to knit wool sweaters for guys before they even start dating. After suffering from rejection a scientist that's working on a love robot stumbles upon her. He offers her a life changing experience and the ideal lover. So she fills out the questionnaire and the ideal lover robot is created.

The robo is named tenjo night. Zettai Kareshi is based on a manga, and even though his name is 'Night" it's obviously a reference to Knight because she wants someone to always come to her rescue. Huge props to the actor who played the robo. He was definitely the star of the show based on how well he acted so robotically. The way he says "I love you" or "You're the perfect one for me" is the perfect mix of robot and human. Right in the feels.

Each episode is basically the robot trying to win the affection of Riiko and overcoming obstacles. The robot lover will love you unconditionally and always act according to your ideals. Riiko is so kawaii~

The downsides of the show I would say is the villain of the show. She's introduced right in the first episode. The villain happens to be Riiko's best friend who happens to have a weird obsession of going after guys she's interested in. I felt like the villain subplot was a bit of fluff and unnecessary.

I would recommend this show if you enjoy shoujo anime / manga since this is based on a manga. I feel people who enjoy Nana / Hana yori dango / ToraDora would definitely like this drama. The ending song by Ayaka is so good.

My personal recommendation - would watch again if I could go back in time. It was good. Man, it seems like I'm a sucker for shoujo. O.O