Spy 2015

Oh man. Soo hilarious I’m in tears.

Jason statham. Delivery gold man. Jason Statham actually showing off his acting chops by delivering lines with a straight face. Deng.

This movie was so hilarious. Sometimes I think that the humor is written just for me cause the jokes are like.. so good. But maybe I have mainstream humor afterall… since I feel this was a very mainstream movie.

Highly recommended. You would not expect a Jason Statham / Jude Law to be this hilarious.

Sha Po Liang 2

Uh. Global translator means thai to chinese and chinese to thai. But then you need to do thai to chinese -> chinese to chinese -> chinese to thai. Dafaq. Why do you need a chinese to chinese translator?

So I just watched this movie. And holy shiet. I was so shocked as I wanted it. The actors in this movie are uh… pretty top notch martial artists.

Max Zhang. Tony Jaa. And Wu Jing. I think I would watch a Wu Jing fight just by himself. To think that he got to share the screen with Tony Jaa and some other top tier dude. Shiet yo. The level of martial arts going into martial arts film is getting higher and higher. I’m pretty excited. Imagine if… there were more prime donnie yens or something. Maybe it’s the new age of cinema with actual martial artists filming the martial arts. It’s pretty sick.

I’ve always wondered what the point of the plot of a movie like SPL is. To be honest… sure there’s a plot. Gangsters, Drugs, saving poor innocent girls. Won’t somebody think of the children? But honestly… it’s all about the fight scenes. That’s what we came for. That’s what we expect when we or I come to watch this film. And boy oh boy. Did the fight scenes deliver.

The fight scenes especially in this movie especially the last fight of the 2v1. Whoops. Spoilers. Whatever. you’ve probably seen the trailers and if not you can infer that there’ll be some 2v1 action since we have 3 mega martial arts stars in this movie. But holy shit. I think this is a fight scene for the history books. Wow. I’m calling it now. History has been made possibly.

Which makes me think. Cinema fight choreo is like… the fusion between art and sport. It’s like… damn. You have the real muay thai, wushu, brazilian jiu jitsu applied with an art style like dance. And it’s presented via beautiful cinematography. my mind is quite blown.

Oh right. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more movies where it’s basically pure fight scenes. Like… imagine a movie with the HxH version of the heavenly tower. Where you just follow this badass advancing his way through the floors of challenges. And then you have like… 120 fights with each fight being… 3 to 5 minutes. The ultimate kumite and just pure martial arts movie. I think… the art required to choreo the whole thing and practice it might be… not as easy? But shit. I’d watch that.

That’s almost what the expendables 3 was. Except they still had somewhat of a plot. Imagine literally not plot. It’s like… tekken + hxh tower in real life. Someday… when I’m a billionaire. I’ll make this movie.

You can even guest star UFC fighters or something. And then you can have Wu Jing just go through everyone. Damn. Wu Jing was so badass in this film. Like… even though it’s choreo’d. The speed at which they can do the choreo is so damn impressive. It’s like.. you know it’s fake. But Deng. That’s some real skills.

**tl;dr - this movie doesn’t have a plot. well it does but i think it’s pointless. The fight scenes though. Damn. Watch it just for that. So good. **

The Martian

Watched this because a coworker said it was a hella good sci fi movie. I really like sci fi.

I think it’s important to be able to suspend belief when you watch a movie. Because that way it makes the movie more enjoyable and uh immersive. There have been documented cases of badassery in the history of man so it’s expected that in the movies it would only show the really small sample size of extreme like and badassery.

It’s really hard for me to disregard plot armor and the hollywood happy ending. Cause everyone loves a happy ending for the hero after overcoming obstacles and against all odds… it’s the foundation of the hero’s journey and all storytelling. I think that’s why I enjoy comedy/dark stuff more because it’s just slightly more unpredictable.

Astronauts are badasses. They are like soldiers and scientists fused into one. And I guess they have to be because there are probably less astronauts than any soldier / phd combined and stuff.

So anyways… watching this movie made me emo at times. It reminded me of robinson crusoe. I’d say… it was a decent movie. Probably not mind blowingly good. But I’d recommend it.

tl;dr - watch this if you like science and sci fi


I just finished Spectre… the 2015 bond movie that was one of the few movies I almost kinda wanted to watch in theatres but of course didn’t end up doing.

What’s crazy is… that almost every single bond movie follows the exact same formula. I don’t think the bond movie has changed since it’s inception. It’s like. Hero. Villain. Hot and helpless lady that needs saving.

It just feels so… formulaic. Like… watching it. On one hand the action is still somewhat entertaining. But you know that bond will live. And that he’ll win. It’s like… I don’t understand why villains insist on playing fairly or messing with bond. Like if you’re already proven to be evil as fuck why do you have these fake rules and do such stupid shit.

The other thing that surprised me is… the bond theme. It’s so iconic. I think it’s probably older than me. And it’s still the same. I guess some things never change huh.

Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon review

I'm still sick. But then I can't sleep. I'm like so fatigued and tired but yet I can't sleep. I do not enjoy this state. On the other hand, I just watched one the better movies in recent times so I feel compelled to write about it.

Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon is an amazing movie. You should go watch it right now. As to why it's so amazing. As to why it's so amazing... I guess I'd have to say it's because it kept me guessing, had amazing action, and is just so much fun.

It's been awhile since I couldn't really predict the flow of a movie. I guess it comes from being older and haven read / seen so much literature. I didn't realize that Detective Dee was like the Asian Sherlock Holmes. This movie actually reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes reboot movies with Robert Downey Jr. Anyways, Detective Dee is essentially Sherlock Holmes. He's uber smart, and decent at martial arts. Of course, he relies on his brain and not his brawn.

I won't talk about the plot, but suffice to say that it was exciting. It's the kind of story where.. once they reach the explaining part... or like a couple scenes after it happens.. you realize what's up. Like.. Shiet, so THATS what happened. As expected of a detective movie - it's good.

The action scenes were decent. I really liked how they had the captain of the army assist Dee so he got to do all the fight scenes and Dee was mostly about detective work. I just realized Dee is short for detective. Mind Blown.

I kinda passed out towards the end because once everything was solved the denouement or whatever is kinda boring for me. Angelababy was pure fanservice. Not that I'm complaining.

tl;dr - watch this movie for the amazing plot and decent action scenes</strong></p>

captain america - the winter soldier

So I recently watched amazing spiderman 2 and captain america 2. And I gotta say, Captain America 2 was way better in my opinion. The pacing of the movie was way more exciting and interesting. The fight scenes were more entertaining. And holy shit - GSP was in the movie. When I saw him I was like holy shit - that's GSP. Then I googled it just to make sure. That GSP fight was super super cool.

The other thing that I liked about Captain America was Samuel L Jackson. He's too cool as Nick Fury. Going to write about spoilers now... so if you haven't seen it. Better stop. I actually don't think this is really a spoiler because you know that Nick Fury wouldn't die. So in the movie Nick Fury 'dies' and then there's the plot of Shield being infiltrated and betrayed. The thing is Nick Fury has plot armor. You know he won't die because he'll be in the Avengers 2. And also, faking your death is so cliche now. Can't kill you when you're already dead - no shit. I think as I get older - movies become too predictable and all I see are the glaring plot holes. OMG the plot hole from spiderman 2. When someone tries to fucking shoot you, and you knock them out. Fucking kill them. Seriously. Or at least tie them up so that they don't fucking wake up and kick your ass. I mean, it happens in every single freaking movie. You KO the bad guy - try and save the heroine. And the bad guy wakes up and mauls you for being a dumbass. You'd think people would be smarter, but no.

So what was good about this movie. The pacing, the story, the good action scenes and fights. The villain had a metal arm and damn, I guess the choregraphy of fighting is better than spiderman picking on newbs. Even though I personally like seeing someone dominate - seeing spiderman dominate petty criminals is no fun.

tl;dr - watch captain america 2. amazing action and good pacing.</strong></p>

the amazing spiderman 2

So I just watched amazing spiderman 2 recently. I'm trying to review the movie... but I actually didn't watch it in one sitting. I watched it one night before bed, then I watched it and fast forwarded through a lot of parts of it. I guess the amazing spiderman 2 wasn't such a good movie for me. Even though I really liked the first amazing spiderman and I went to see it in theaters.

I think the reason I didn't like the second movie was because... the villain wasn't that interesting...  and I didn't like how they randomly including the goblin. Also for some reason... I think the first spider man was the best spider man now. Tobey Maguire.. in that first spiderman movie was actually good.

What did I like about this movie... hmmm. Not much :( I really liked the spiderman effects. The one thing that I liked was actually how much chemistry Andrew Garfield had with Emma Stone. Damn, I'm so jealous of Andrew. Emma stone so kawaii~. But besides that... I guess I enjoyed the web swinging camera work.

Dislikes... pacing, plot, villain... pretty much everything. =/

tl;dr - don't watch amazing spiderman 2. Just watch the first spiderman movie with Tobey Maguire</strong></p>

jack ryan shadow recruit

The trailer looked so amazing, the actual movie was bad.

+ keira knightley and her accent?

- everything else

verdict : don't watch this yo.