So I just watched amazing spiderman 2 recently. I'm trying to review the movie... but I actually didn't watch it in one sitting. I watched it one night before bed, then I watched it and fast forwarded through a lot of parts of it. I guess the amazing spiderman 2 wasn't such a good movie for me. Even though I really liked the first amazing spiderman and I went to see it in theaters.

I think the reason I didn't like the second movie was because... the villain wasn't that interesting...  and I didn't like how they randomly including the goblin. Also for some reason... I think the first spider man was the best spider man now. Tobey Maguire.. in that first spiderman movie was actually good.

What did I like about this movie... hmmm. Not much :( I really liked the spiderman effects. The one thing that I liked was actually how much chemistry Andrew Garfield had with Emma Stone. Damn, I'm so jealous of Andrew. Emma stone so kawaii~. But besides that... I guess I enjoyed the web swinging camera work.

Dislikes... pacing, plot, villain... pretty much everything. =/

tl;dr - don't watch amazing spiderman 2. Just watch the first spiderman movie with Tobey Maguire</strong></p>