So I recently watched amazing spiderman 2 and captain america 2. And I gotta say, Captain America 2 was way better in my opinion. The pacing of the movie was way more exciting and interesting. The fight scenes were more entertaining. And holy shit - GSP was in the movie. When I saw him I was like holy shit - that's GSP. Then I googled it just to make sure. That GSP fight was super super cool.

The other thing that I liked about Captain America was Samuel L Jackson. He's too cool as Nick Fury. Going to write about spoilers now... so if you haven't seen it. Better stop. I actually don't think this is really a spoiler because you know that Nick Fury wouldn't die. So in the movie Nick Fury 'dies' and then there's the plot of Shield being infiltrated and betrayed. The thing is Nick Fury has plot armor. You know he won't die because he'll be in the Avengers 2. And also, faking your death is so cliche now. Can't kill you when you're already dead - no shit. I think as I get older - movies become too predictable and all I see are the glaring plot holes. OMG the plot hole from spiderman 2. When someone tries to fucking shoot you, and you knock them out. Fucking kill them. Seriously. Or at least tie them up so that they don't fucking wake up and kick your ass. I mean, it happens in every single freaking movie. You KO the bad guy - try and save the heroine. And the bad guy wakes up and mauls you for being a dumbass. You'd think people would be smarter, but no.

So what was good about this movie. The pacing, the story, the good action scenes and fights. The villain had a metal arm and damn, I guess the choregraphy of fighting is better than spiderman picking on newbs. Even though I personally like seeing someone dominate - seeing spiderman dominate petty criminals is no fun.

tl;dr - watch captain america 2. amazing action and good pacing.</strong></p>