I just finished Spectre… the 2015 bond movie that was one of the few movies I almost kinda wanted to watch in theatres but of course didn’t end up doing.

What’s crazy is… that almost every single bond movie follows the exact same formula. I don’t think the bond movie has changed since it’s inception. It’s like. Hero. Villain. Hot and helpless lady that needs saving.

It just feels so… formulaic. Like… watching it. On one hand the action is still somewhat entertaining. But you know that bond will live. And that he’ll win. It’s like… I don’t understand why villains insist on playing fairly or messing with bond. Like if you’re already proven to be evil as fuck why do you have these fake rules and do such stupid shit.

The other thing that surprised me is… the bond theme. It’s so iconic. I think it’s probably older than me. And it’s still the same. I guess some things never change huh.