Watched this because a coworker said it was a hella good sci fi movie. I really like sci fi.

I think it’s important to be able to suspend belief when you watch a movie. Because that way it makes the movie more enjoyable and uh immersive. There have been documented cases of badassery in the history of man so it’s expected that in the movies it would only show the really small sample size of extreme like and badassery.

It’s really hard for me to disregard plot armor and the hollywood happy ending. Cause everyone loves a happy ending for the hero after overcoming obstacles and against all odds… it’s the foundation of the hero’s journey and all storytelling. I think that’s why I enjoy comedy/dark stuff more because it’s just slightly more unpredictable.

Astronauts are badasses. They are like soldiers and scientists fused into one. And I guess they have to be because there are probably less astronauts than any soldier / phd combined and stuff.

So anyways… watching this movie made me emo at times. It reminded me of robinson crusoe. I’d say… it was a decent movie. Probably not mind blowingly good. But I’d recommend it.

tl;dr - watch this if you like science and sci fi