Uh. Global translator means thai to chinese and chinese to thai. But then you need to do thai to chinese -> chinese to chinese -> chinese to thai. Dafaq. Why do you need a chinese to chinese translator?

So I just watched this movie. And holy shiet. I was so shocked as I wanted it. The actors in this movie are uh… pretty top notch martial artists.

Max Zhang. Tony Jaa. And Wu Jing. I think I would watch a Wu Jing fight just by himself. To think that he got to share the screen with Tony Jaa and some other top tier dude. Shiet yo. The level of martial arts going into martial arts film is getting higher and higher. I’m pretty excited. Imagine if… there were more prime donnie yens or something. Maybe it’s the new age of cinema with actual martial artists filming the martial arts. It’s pretty sick.

I’ve always wondered what the point of the plot of a movie like SPL is. To be honest… sure there’s a plot. Gangsters, Drugs, saving poor innocent girls. Won’t somebody think of the children? But honestly… it’s all about the fight scenes. That’s what we came for. That’s what we expect when we or I come to watch this film. And boy oh boy. Did the fight scenes deliver.

The fight scenes especially in this movie especially the last fight of the 2v1. Whoops. Spoilers. Whatever. you’ve probably seen the trailers and if not you can infer that there’ll be some 2v1 action since we have 3 mega martial arts stars in this movie. But holy shit. I think this is a fight scene for the history books. Wow. I’m calling it now. History has been made possibly.

Which makes me think. Cinema fight choreo is like… the fusion between art and sport. It’s like… damn. You have the real muay thai, wushu, brazilian jiu jitsu applied with an art style like dance. And it’s presented via beautiful cinematography. my mind is quite blown.

Oh right. I’ve always wondered why there aren’t more movies where it’s basically pure fight scenes. Like… imagine a movie with the HxH version of the heavenly tower. Where you just follow this badass advancing his way through the floors of challenges. And then you have like… 120 fights with each fight being… 3 to 5 minutes. The ultimate kumite and just pure martial arts movie. I think… the art required to choreo the whole thing and practice it might be… not as easy? But shit. I’d watch that.

That’s almost what the expendables 3 was. Except they still had somewhat of a plot. Imagine literally not plot. It’s like… tekken + hxh tower in real life. Someday… when I’m a billionaire. I’ll make this movie.

You can even guest star UFC fighters or something. And then you can have Wu Jing just go through everyone. Damn. Wu Jing was so badass in this film. Like… even though it’s choreo’d. The speed at which they can do the choreo is so damn impressive. It’s like.. you know it’s fake. But Deng. That’s some real skills.

**tl;dr - this movie doesn’t have a plot. well it does but i think it’s pointless. The fight scenes though. Damn. Watch it just for that. So good. **