I got it from my daddy.

I wanted to write a thankful.. but it feels kinda repetitive. I do have one thing I’m thankful for which is the cool and fun people that I’ve met through dance. I’m thankful that I got to play jenga and connect four at a boba place before crushing it on stage with my teammates.

So anyways. This song - I stumbled upon it listening to a mix. And it was pretty catchy. Then I realized it was psy and that just made it so much better. Gangnam style blew my mind in 2012. All I would do was play gangnam style non stop while living in rez and it drove my roommates nuts.

The video and dance is hella catchy and entertaining. Also… CL of 2NE1. Psy has the best guest appearances. Snoop, Hyuna, and now someone from 2NE1.

On a completely unrelated note. I’ve also been listening to I took a pill in ibiza. The sennheiser hd 650 just makes it sound so good. Now go watch daddy.

I got it from mah daddy.


I wanna be like Kanye. So good. Just so good.

Never Learn

One of my favorite artists and favorite songs. Never Learn. The lyrics and the melody go so well together. And those piano chords. This song is just so amazing. I really like ballads and piano / mandarin music. JJ Lin is one of my favorite artists and this is one of my top 3 songs of his.