The best headphones ever

The Sennheiser 598s are the best headphones that I ever used. It was a major investment when I first bought it for $200 back in the day. So totally worth it. I actually own 2 pairs. I managed to snag a pair for $120 from the amazon black friday sale. So I guess I averaged around $180 per pair. And now it’s even cheaper so you should totally get it.

The sound quality on the 598s… even unamped is unbelievable. I went from shitty headphones -> Audio Technica ATH-AD700 -> Sennheiser 598s. And each change bought major sound quality changes. Like… you don’t even have to change the source. When you get the Sennheiser 598s… all your old music will sound new again. Because you didn’t even know there were all these amazing instruments in the background. It just blows your mind. The sound quality is amazing. I’m not a true audiophile in a sense that there are people who use specific headphones for specific genres of music. But the Sennheiser 598s are magical. It’s mind blowingly magical.

The other big plus of this is the comfort. I wear glasses and despite the fact that I have glasses I can wear these headphones for pretty much an entire day non stop. I wear them at work for 8 hours a day. And I wear them when I’m home. On weekends sometimes I’ll wear this thing like 14 hours a day. It’s just that comfortable. Even with glasses. Also I should note that I have really big ears. And these headphones totally cover my ears. So the sound and comfort is amazing.

I think that headphones are a quality investment. I easily spend over 2000 hours a year on good headphones. When you compare the price to how much time spent using it. Totally worth it. The quality is amazing. The sound and comfort is so good. You really need to just buy it. Or find a store to try it. Buy it from here now!

tl;dr - Sennheiser 598s are my favorite headphones. They are mind blowingly good in terms of sound quality with great comfort. Get it here