I think I bought this back when it was around $40. I bought it on a black friday deal. And I felt so amazed. It was a whopping 16gb usb drive. And it’s lasted me for over 5 years I think. Get the newer and cheaper version here.

It’s so crazy to think that it’s now only $7 with free shipping. And I paid like $50 for it back in the day. Technology advances so fast. You can get a 128GB version for $30. That’s… x8 of what I got for a fraction of the price. Man.

I’ve mostly been using this USB to transfer files between PCs. I normally don’t safely remove and it’s still survives. Plus I’ve been using it for OS installs. I installed various versions of Linux, and even made 2x Hackintosh with it. It still holds up so life is good.

Of course… I’m a sample size of 1 so YMMV. I think it’s lasted far longer than I expected and considering the price it’s totally worth it. Get a cheap USB3 for on the go storage here.