Possibly my single most extravagent purchase ever. Get it here.

So my history with headphones is essentially. Garbage -> ATH-AD700 -> Sennheiser HD 598 -> Sennheiser HD 650.

I think at this point I’m all in the open headphones camp. The bass isn’t as strong, but honestly it’s good enough. And when listening to instrumentals / orchestral music. It just blows my mind.

So I’m a big fan of open headphones. The Sennheiser 598s were so unexpectedly good. When I first got it back in 2013. All old music was new again. It’s like.. you get to hear new details and stuff. And then… the HD 650 is I would say a half step above it. I mean… it’s noticably better. But like. The 598s was as Peter Thiel would put it. 0 -> 1. Going from the Sennheiser 598 -> 650 is 1 -> 2? But the gap between 0 -> 1 is like an immeasurable chasm. But I digress.

First off, the HD 650 aren’t as comfortable. When I wear glasses, the clamping force of it is really strong. And when I’m not wearing glasses, the clamping force is still strong. I think the limit is around 2 or 3 hours before I start feeling slightly uncomfortable from the clamping. But from a sound perspective. It’s better in every way. There’s stronger base… and the instrumentals are even better.

Specifically the piano, violin and guitar instrumentals just sound so great. Honestly, everything about it is good. The jump of old music to new music is there again. You notice more details in the music. Even if the source file is the same. Also, when listening to vocals, it feels like they’re right there. There being nearby. It’s like having a concert all the time.

I actually don’t use the headphones for movies / anime / video games. But I imagine that it would be really good for all of the above. You get to hear all the fine details of people’s voices and footsteps in video games.

In conclusion I’m more shocked that I bought $400 headphones for myself. My headphones is equivalent to a PS4. It’s more expensive than my cellphone + tablet. And when I’m planning on getting a laptop in 2016… It’s gonna only be ~$500. I’d say it’s totally worth it though. Considering the joy that music brings me.

I feel compelled to write one negative thing about it so here it is. The bad thing about these headphones besides the clamping and lack of comfort compared to the 598s. Is that the music is just so captivating. When I listen to music with it during reading / coding. Sometimes I just end up enjoying the music and spacing out. Clamp / discomfort and the sound is too distracting.

tl;dr - enjoy music on another level. just get it