Change your mind change your life

I’m already sold on meditation. But here’s another good ted talk that shows the benefits of meditation.

For me personally… I think of meditation as flossing / working out / stretching. You don’t really see the benefits right away. You need to persist and just keep meditating. When I don’t meditate for a long time… I’m actually more irritable, emotional and anxious. The thing is… I still always choose to forgo meditation because I haven’t built a rock solid habit yet. I think I meditate about once or twice a week when I think a daily practice would be much more benfiticial. It’s something that I’m still working on.

It just blows my mind that… meditation works. Like… meditation is no doubt effective.. but like. It’s crazy how it was discovered or something. I’m just gonna sit and do nothing… and just let thoughts pass through me. And my life will be better.

How to multiply your time

Check out the original video here.

Well. My mind is blown.

Eliminate. Automate. Delegate. Hmmm.

There is just so much goodness in this talk. I think the key point is procrastinating because you know you want to do it / need to do it but don’t feel like doing it is the bad / death form of procrastination. Procrastinating when you know that you don’t need to do it right now and you decide to do it later is perfectly acceptable. The thing is… I’ve been doing the bad form of procrastination and it’s something that I need to work out.

I think with regards to elimination. I’ve gotten better at eliminating time wasters and shit that I shouldn’t be doing. Saying no to random things.

With automation… I’d say I’m almost master level at it since I’m a programmer. And I automate a lot of things that other people would have to do manually.

With delegation… hmmm. I think it’s something that’s always on my mind and I already do it to a certain extent. I pay people to buy my groceries (instacart). I pay people to drive me to places (uber). I pay people to clean my apartment. I don’t quite have a virtual assistant so I still do a lot of low value tasks like finding vacation plane tickets and booking airbnb. But I think that’s fine for now… since… hmm. Nah. That’s bullshit. I think I should probably investigate the time into finding a reliable virtual assistant so that they can help me do the mundate tasks of booking airbnb and flights. Those two take so much time and is such a waste of my life. Hmmmm. Maybe. Maybe.

tl;dr - this video was much better than I had imagined it from the title. watch it and see how much time you make

The first 20 hours

Check out the video here.

I think this may have been the video that sold me on ted talks. Since watching this video there was a time where I would watch a ted talk daily. Now I just watch a ted talk weekly.

This ted talk was really interesting for me. Because… it was honestly so shocking how good he was given that he only practiced 20 hours. I think this goes by to my thought of how everything boils down to the basics. If you master the basics… it allows you to get good really fast. The alternate method is kinda hacky learning.

So you can life hack or growth hack or whatever. And you’ll get really good for the first 20 hours. But I think paradoxically… you won’t get as good later on. So I think it’s important to balance the first 20 hours with many many hours of practicing the basics. That said… I think watching this video was more about… breaking limitations for me. If this guy can get so good in 20 hours… how much better can I get in 20 hours? A lot better.

So I guess… this video was more about making me believe what’s possible. After all… whatever you believe to be hard or easy. It’ll become reality. And this kinda bent reality for me.

tl;dr - watch this video to see how good you can get in 20 hours learning an instrument from scratch

How are you passing the baton

Check out the video here.

Hmmm. I guess just watch the video. The thing that caught my mind was… how are you passing the baton. Are you really working as a team? I mean… there are so many cases where other people just don’t want to do work because it’s not their responsibility. Or whatever… like there’s a clear divide in teams. On one hand I think once you reach a certain scale you do need the teams and the divisions. On the other hand when no one wants to do the crappy task and then you end up doing it and getting penalized… that just sucks. Like… sometimes I feel like the system rewards people who aren’t necessarily the best or even contribute the most it’s just that they get the most recognition or speak the loudest.

Talkers go far in all companies I guess. I’m a big believer in being the change that you want to be. But at the same time… you shouldn’t ignore reality. And the reality and the rules of the game are preset. It’s easier to adapt yourself to the system than to change the system. Maybe that’s just me being… tainted. But instead of trying to fix what’s broken it’s more beneficial to myself to just adjust to the system. It sucks but whatever. Climb to the top of the system and then change the system I guess.

Get rich like Bill Gates then fix the world after. =/

Science of Happiness

Check out the video here.

Dan Gilbert is a pretty famous psychology professor on the study of happiness. I read his book stumbling on happiness awhile back and really enjoyed it. I think I’ll probably re-read it since I forgot a lot of it but anyways.

I think that this ted talk is just… really important. I keep thinking getting x will make me happy / happier. And after getting x… I always feel pretty much the same. It’s kinda… disappointing. Like… I chased achievement and my dreams. And I’m pretty much living my dream from like the past. In the past I dreamed what I am now… and yet I’m still the same level of happiness as before. Well… I’m definitely happier but I think it’s more from other things than from the actual achievements that I’ve obtained.

The other thing to note is that choice actually makes you… sadder. Or… less content. Maybe that’s why single people aren’t as happy as married people. Cause married people don’t really have a choice and single people have so many choices. Also… synthetic happiness is a very interesting concept. It’s true that you can make yourself feel happy. And it’s true that you do feel happy despite failure. But I dunno… it’s still a paradox. Even after watching the ted talk and the data. I mean… even though the data says lottery winners are the same happiness one year later than handicap people. And I believe the data to be true. It’s just hard to believe that it would be the case… like I would choose to win the lottery over losing my legs any day of the week.

I do agree that happiness is all about your thinking though. You can think your way into happiness or sadness. People in the same situation can think that life is amazing or life sucks. I know that sometimes I have swings where I just focus on the negatives and everything is horrible. Then I just try and be more thankful and think about all the goodness in my life and I’m happy again. I guess it’s all about that mindset and what you think after all.

How to find work you love

Watch the video here

I’ve seen this before so I guess this is more of a rewatch to refresh my memory. The big point that touches me is that… changing the way you think changes the way you act. When you think that something is impossible.. you won’t try and it will stay impossible. The line where he went from thinking that something was undoable to thinking that something had to be done. I think… that probably motivates most people. I mean… most people probably take action once they have to do something.

From his description… I would say that I love my job. To be honest… I’m living my dream job. But at the same time… it’s like I always want more. He mentions the average of 5 people rule and stuff. I guess… I make excuses. It’s hard to meet people who are great and ambitious because by definition most people are average. = Maybe that’s just a personal bias / self-fulfilling prophecy.

The part where the kid in a wheelcar swims 1.5 miles in the ocean. Wow. I guess for him impossible is really nothing. I mean… when you look at what other people worse than you has done… it’s not really fair to make excuses. I’m too sleep deprived to go to the gym - but a kid with no legs trained to swim 1.5 miles.

I think this video is one of the reasons that I watch ted in my spare time. There’s always one or two things that are really great learnings. And the rest… is reminder. Reminder of how to be great. I guess ted helps you become great in the way that reading books help you level up faster.