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I’ve seen this before so I guess this is more of a rewatch to refresh my memory. The big point that touches me is that… changing the way you think changes the way you act. When you think that something is impossible.. you won’t try and it will stay impossible. The line where he went from thinking that something was undoable to thinking that something had to be done. I think… that probably motivates most people. I mean… most people probably take action once they have to do something.

From his description… I would say that I love my job. To be honest… I’m living my dream job. But at the same time… it’s like I always want more. He mentions the average of 5 people rule and stuff. I guess… I make excuses. It’s hard to meet people who are great and ambitious because by definition most people are average. = Maybe that’s just a personal bias / self-fulfilling prophecy.

The part where the kid in a wheelcar swims 1.5 miles in the ocean. Wow. I guess for him impossible is really nothing. I mean… when you look at what other people worse than you has done… it’s not really fair to make excuses. I’m too sleep deprived to go to the gym - but a kid with no legs trained to swim 1.5 miles.

I think this video is one of the reasons that I watch ted in my spare time. There’s always one or two things that are really great learnings. And the rest… is reminder. Reminder of how to be great. I guess ted helps you become great in the way that reading books help you level up faster.