Check out the video here.

Dan Gilbert is a pretty famous psychology professor on the study of happiness. I read his book stumbling on happiness awhile back and really enjoyed it. I think I’ll probably re-read it since I forgot a lot of it but anyways.

I think that this ted talk is just… really important. I keep thinking getting x will make me happy / happier. And after getting x… I always feel pretty much the same. It’s kinda… disappointing. Like… I chased achievement and my dreams. And I’m pretty much living my dream from like the past. In the past I dreamed what I am now… and yet I’m still the same level of happiness as before. Well… I’m definitely happier but I think it’s more from other things than from the actual achievements that I’ve obtained.

The other thing to note is that choice actually makes you… sadder. Or… less content. Maybe that’s why single people aren’t as happy as married people. Cause married people don’t really have a choice and single people have so many choices. Also… synthetic happiness is a very interesting concept. It’s true that you can make yourself feel happy. And it’s true that you do feel happy despite failure. But I dunno… it’s still a paradox. Even after watching the ted talk and the data. I mean… even though the data says lottery winners are the same happiness one year later than handicap people. And I believe the data to be true. It’s just hard to believe that it would be the case… like I would choose to win the lottery over losing my legs any day of the week.

I do agree that happiness is all about your thinking though. You can think your way into happiness or sadness. People in the same situation can think that life is amazing or life sucks. I know that sometimes I have swings where I just focus on the negatives and everything is horrible. Then I just try and be more thankful and think about all the goodness in my life and I’m happy again. I guess it’s all about that mindset and what you think after all.