Check out the video here.

Hmmm. I guess just watch the video. The thing that caught my mind was… how are you passing the baton. Are you really working as a team? I mean… there are so many cases where other people just don’t want to do work because it’s not their responsibility. Or whatever… like there’s a clear divide in teams. On one hand I think once you reach a certain scale you do need the teams and the divisions. On the other hand when no one wants to do the crappy task and then you end up doing it and getting penalized… that just sucks. Like… sometimes I feel like the system rewards people who aren’t necessarily the best or even contribute the most it’s just that they get the most recognition or speak the loudest.

Talkers go far in all companies I guess. I’m a big believer in being the change that you want to be. But at the same time… you shouldn’t ignore reality. And the reality and the rules of the game are preset. It’s easier to adapt yourself to the system than to change the system. Maybe that’s just me being… tainted. But instead of trying to fix what’s broken it’s more beneficial to myself to just adjust to the system. It sucks but whatever. Climb to the top of the system and then change the system I guess.

Get rich like Bill Gates then fix the world after. =/