Check out the video here.

I think this may have been the video that sold me on ted talks. Since watching this video there was a time where I would watch a ted talk daily. Now I just watch a ted talk weekly.

This ted talk was really interesting for me. Because… it was honestly so shocking how good he was given that he only practiced 20 hours. I think this goes by to my thought of how everything boils down to the basics. If you master the basics… it allows you to get good really fast. The alternate method is kinda hacky learning.

So you can life hack or growth hack or whatever. And you’ll get really good for the first 20 hours. But I think paradoxically… you won’t get as good later on. So I think it’s important to balance the first 20 hours with many many hours of practicing the basics. That said… I think watching this video was more about… breaking limitations for me. If this guy can get so good in 20 hours… how much better can I get in 20 hours? A lot better.

So I guess… this video was more about making me believe what’s possible. After all… whatever you believe to be hard or easy. It’ll become reality. And this kinda bent reality for me.

tl;dr - watch this video to see how good you can get in 20 hours learning an instrument from scratch