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Well. My mind is blown.

Eliminate. Automate. Delegate. Hmmm.

There is just so much goodness in this talk. I think the key point is procrastinating because you know you want to do it / need to do it but don’t feel like doing it is the bad / death form of procrastination. Procrastinating when you know that you don’t need to do it right now and you decide to do it later is perfectly acceptable. The thing is… I’ve been doing the bad form of procrastination and it’s something that I need to work out.

I think with regards to elimination. I’ve gotten better at eliminating time wasters and shit that I shouldn’t be doing. Saying no to random things.

With automation… I’d say I’m almost master level at it since I’m a programmer. And I automate a lot of things that other people would have to do manually.

With delegation… hmmm. I think it’s something that’s always on my mind and I already do it to a certain extent. I pay people to buy my groceries (instacart). I pay people to drive me to places (uber). I pay people to clean my apartment. I don’t quite have a virtual assistant so I still do a lot of low value tasks like finding vacation plane tickets and booking airbnb. But I think that’s fine for now… since… hmm. Nah. That’s bullshit. I think I should probably investigate the time into finding a reliable virtual assistant so that they can help me do the mundate tasks of booking airbnb and flights. Those two take so much time and is such a waste of my life. Hmmmm. Maybe. Maybe.

tl;dr - this video was much better than I had imagined it from the title. watch it and see how much time you make