I’m already sold on meditation. But here’s another good ted talk that shows the benefits of meditation.

For me personally… I think of meditation as flossing / working out / stretching. You don’t really see the benefits right away. You need to persist and just keep meditating. When I don’t meditate for a long time… I’m actually more irritable, emotional and anxious. The thing is… I still always choose to forgo meditation because I haven’t built a rock solid habit yet. I think I meditate about once or twice a week when I think a daily practice would be much more benfiticial. It’s something that I’m still working on.

It just blows my mind that… meditation works. Like… meditation is no doubt effective.. but like. It’s crazy how it was discovered or something. I’m just gonna sit and do nothing… and just let thoughts pass through me. And my life will be better.