xmas 2016

Yesterday I spent Christmas with my some new friends from Tokyo. It was the earliest that I’ve woken up recently. I woke up at around 9am… and then took 4 trains to get to Chiba. I actually got lost… because bad data / bad google / bad line maps made me walk to the wrong point. I took an one hour detour and just walked around chiba before I ended up at the park. That was an interesting experience. Lucky I bought my headphones… and dressed warmly. I could barely feel my fingers at the end.. but totally worth it.

We had yakiniku in this park and I got to meet many new people who only spoke Japanese. Yoshi is the friend who invited me to the BBQ and only him and Emi spoke English so I was forced to use my Japanese. That was so much fun. Hehehe. Just being forced to use Japanese… it’s exactly why I moved to Japan in order to improve. BBQ was delicious.

Then we went to a hotspring. I got the true Japanese hotspring experience. Heh. So apparently, the hotspring only cost 1000yen. I feel scammed. When my sister visited we went to a touristy hotspring which cost like… 4k yen. I guess yelp reviews help get the foreigners.

Post hot spring… some of us decided to karaoke. I got to experience Japanese non taxi driving… and then we had ramen at a famous place. I could actually read the menu. Except I read the kanji wrong. Zenbu hairi miso. Everything miso ramen. But then I learned that it’s zenbu riri miso. :D getting japanese lessons from a local. life is good.

went to karaoke. still struggling to read at singing speed. it’s mostly the kanji. but karaoke is actually a good kanji learning experience. everyone was so good at karaoke I was kinda intimidated. but it was so much fun. ended up taking two trains to get back home. the seibu to get to takadanobaba and then the yamanote - my favorite train. left house at 10 and got back at 11:30… so about a 13 hour trip. hehe. life in japan. christmas in japan… I’m living the dream. and for that I’m so thankful.

In my last post I wrote about disappointment… cause I know that I can do better. Christmas was pretty amazing. I also finished Yakuza 6 and uh… I’ll write a review for both Persona 5 and Yakuza 6 sometimes soon. The thing with Persona 5 was that… I actually beat the game at essentially the max level. My gear was actually really shitty. Before starting FFXV… I started looking at the ideal gear already… cause you don’t wanna miss the zodiac spear*. I think that actually ruins the enjoyment of the game when you do that though. I mean… I enjoyed p5 so much without using a guide… except for the strength social link. I mean… for establishing social links.

I’m thankful that I’m in Japan. I’m thankful for all my Japanese friends. I’m thankful that I’m living the dream. I get to wake up… meditate. Eat cheap amazing japanese food. Write code and build my own apps. Watch anime and play video games. Life is good. It’s almost the new year. For January 1st~3rd… I’ll be working on the masterplan. To make sure I make the best use of my time in Japan.

gym was intense

Hmmm. Today is just the typical amazing day of work.

Woke up around 7. Meditated. Worked on my app. Had breakfast. Went to the gym. At the gym I hit my old personal best for deadlift. Today I worked to the point where removing the plates was like… extremely effortful. You know when you struggle to return the weights that you put in max effort. It’s easy to put in max effort for physical… but when it comes to mental it’s a lot harder to judge. I think meditation helps out with that though.

I ordered a capture device on amazon in order to stream video games. PS4 has a built in streaming feature but games like Yakuza, and Persona both block it. That’s just… dumb. Sigh. Whatever. That’s the way it is. So I gotta get the capture card set up before I can stream Persona 5. Persona 5 looks so good so far. And… in the first hour I could read about 70% of it so I’m feeling pretty happy. Hue. Hue.

I think that it’s important to express gratitude since it just makes you feel better. I’m really living my dream from like years ago. I’m so grateful that somehow I ended up making my dream a reality. It’s a combination of luck and work and faith. I’m just enjoying each day in Japan. It’s like.. when I stop to listen to the music… or just absorb the scenary. Walking by the train rails, riding the JR, reading murakami in a coffee shop. Like. Shit. Wow. I’m so lucky.

good habits saves spiral

This is a repeating story: I’m feeling shitty. Basically just tired and lazy. I got the flu before vacation and I decided to just rest and not work out. Feeling so wasted and crappy from EDC. I couldn’t sleep this morning at 8am. I tried sleeping at 6am. Woke up at 8am…gave up and went to target to buy some food. Came back home and then couldn’t sleep until 11am.

Then I woke up around 3pm. So I guess I got 4 hours of sleep. But I was just feeling really shitty. And irritable. And then… after dinner I started practicing dance for the friday performance. Then I did my stretch habit. And then even though I was lacking sleep… I just went fuck it. Let’s go to the gym. Stretching -> Gym has been a habit that I built. It’s like a cue. It’s my pre-gym routine. And it’s pretty easy to start stretching. And once I start it’s somewhat easy to continue. Except today I was really sleep deprived. I kinda forgot… where I was in my stretching habit. You know when you go into autopilot mode.. I was just like… what stretch did I just do?

Anyways. Went to the gym. Tried to practice dance without the video and my left/right sense was way off. I didn’t remember which hand/foot went where. I just gave up instead of trying to practice bad habits. Did the usual 5x5. And then got home and showered. And now I feel great. It’s 2:30am… and I’m watching starcraft 2. I think I’ll probably sleep at 3 / 330. I need to wake up at 9:50 for dentist. But I think working out will give me the 6 hours of beauty sleep that I need.

I’m thankful that… 24h fitness is so close. Still trying to sell my TV and my desktop computer. We’ll see… if it doesn’t happen I’ll just ship it back. No biggie.

family visiting

I’m thankful that my aunt and uncle visited me in San Francisco. Even though the purpose of their visit was to visit me specifically… I got to treat them to food and explore fisherman’s wharf with them. I’m thankful that my two monitors will live on in a friend’s place instead of someone random. I think of my electronics as my kids… lol. Reminds me of silicon valley when my girlfriend = my macbook. My dual monitors found a good home and for that I’m thankful. Also selling it was easier than imagined because of that.

I’m thankful for craigslist. It makes selling things easier. I still need to sell a ton of crap. But so far I’ve already sold my guitar which was just collecting dust. After much thought I decided on just selling my desktop for ~$500 as opposed to shipping it back to Canada. I’m thankful for the yoga recording that I have from my favorite instructors. I get to do Saturday yoga whenever I wake up… which is 1pm.

After getting rid of my dual monitors… I cleaned my desk and moved my 3rd monitor to my desk as the primary monitor. My place looks so minimalist and clean. It’s pretty sweet.

I also finished planning my travels this weekend. I’m thankful that planning trips around cities and buying tickets can be all done online from the comfort of your home. Within 20 minutes. My flights to LA/NYC/Toronto in total cost ~$400. I get to fly to 3 cities and across the entire united states. I’m thankful that I haven’t gotten that much weaker. It’s now my 2nd week back in the gym since extended vacation. I’m almost back at 80%.

You know what’s crazy? Looking at other people… you can see what your future will kinda look like. After all… you are the average of your 5 closest friends or whatever. I think that’s true to a certain extent… but then I have no friends so I wouldn’t know. Aside from seeing your own future… I’m starting to see myself from the eyes of younger me. Shit. I’m an uncle now… and I have a niece. I use to meet all these cool young people who would travel and work. Now that’s me. I travel… and do stuff. O.O. Shit. I’m old. I randomly live in a city where relatives will fly by… and I’ll come out and treat them to food. It’s like… yeah. Back in the day we flew to random city and your relative treated us to food. Shit. I’m that relative. O.O

Anyways. I’m thankful that my backlog of good games is so high. I don’t think I’ll ever get the time to finish it all. I started playing ni no kuni again. It looks so beautiful. I think I’ll finally have the time to finish it this may/june. Pretty excited. Life is good.

damn son

TGIF. Just gonna recap my last few events.

Just got home after getting $5 mango sago from i-tea. I’m hella spoiled. I got to smoke marijuana with my old coworkers and my current coworkers. Life is good.

Shit… the new friday free drinks and food place is. 7 minutes walking from my home. i can go home. have dinner. relax. and then walk over to the bar and smoke with my friends. whoa man. i am. so spoiled.

i’m thankful for sparc. the best pre-rolls. they even give it to you in a clear tube… so goood.

at i-tea… i realize that i still have a bit of social anxiety. it’s not at the level where it really affects me. but i realized that after smoking i have no anxiety at all. damn. i guess it is an anxiety medication. that’s why i got prescribed it after all. it helps me relax and concentrate.

shit. i can’t wait til i’m totally anxiety free via meditation.

if you read this it means that i really really really really really like you. (8). Music yo. :)

20 minute commute

I’m thankful for my now 20 minute commute. Actually… it’s more like 15 minutes given normal traffic lights. Door to door.. leaving my house and arrive at my desk at work is 15 minutes. That’s so crazy. And.. to think that I actually use to have it even better. I had a 10 minute commute when I first moved here…. but that was with my old company which wasn’t as good. I’m thankful that my new office is so great. On the walk back from the office I stopped by target today to buy my own groceries. Now I can live the japan way and just buy groceries everyday after work as needed.

I went to the gym today. It’s the first day after… close to 3 weeks. Since I just went pure vacation mode in dominican republic… followed by my phoenix weekend getaway. I definitely got weaker… but I didn’t get too much weaker so that’s good. I did another load of laundry today. Sometimes… you really don’t know what you got until it’s gone. And uh… I use to think that doing laundry by taking it down 3 flights of stairs was hard. Until I had to take it down 3 flights of stairs and 3 blocks. But now… it’s back to easy mode. And for that it feels really easy. And I’m thankful.

I need to start selling my shit. I got the guitar… and rocksmith that I spent like $150 on but ended up probably only practicing for 10 hours. I guess… it wasn’t a bad investment. I wonder if I can even get $50 for it. I just bought 64 gigs of ddr4 ram today. It was on slickdeals… and I paid $200 for it. That’s kinda crazy. $200 for 64 gigs of ram. Damn. I’m living in the future… and I’m old. I guess I’m thankful that technology keeps getting better and cheaper.

I’m still recovering from the long / short 3 weeks of vacation that I was on. It’s like… time went by so fast… but it also went by so slow. Vacation was short yet long. I enjoyed and remember most of it. Gotta use the heal. I know about the heal.. but I don’t use it. Heal is some good shit yo.

sf life is good

So… I don’t have any vacation withdrawel. In fact… it feels great coming back home. And going back to work. I actually really enjoy doing my work. Planning and programming and both fun. And I work with really smart people.

I just got back from shuffle. I think… I’ve been looking forward to thursdays more and more because it’s shuffle day. So that’s good. I’m actually really spoiled by SF life. Yesterday I had pho for lunch. It was walking distance from my home. And then for dinner I got food delivered. Oh. I also got grocieres delivered. And my laundry place reopened. Now I don’t need to walk 3 blocks to do laundry… my hardest task of the week is back to easy mode. Man. I’m so spoiled. The hardest thing in my life was to walk 3 blocks to do my weekly laundry.

I think… I’m already starting to miss SF. It’s like.. thinking about the possibility of leaving makes me realize how much I like it here. SF is my home. I don’t have a home anywhere else… but I guess home is whatever I make it. I also got groceries delivered yesterday. Yeah. I’m gonna miss the prime boba location and coffee location. And everything being walking distance… amongst other things. Of course… my shuffle friends as well. One trip is done… and I’ll be flying over to Phoenix this weekend for a dance competition. Crazy. The weekend after dominican is phoenix. So much flying. I actually… wanna just stay in one place. Flying is really convenient… and fast. Well.. convenient in a sense of how else will you travel thousands of miles in a few hours. But it sucks. I fucking hate airport security and lines. I can’t wait for technology to disrupt the airline security system. It’s retarded and fucked up. One of my only few instances where I have a really strong opinion.

Anyways. My mind has been full of random thoughts since the vacation. And I haven’t really had time to just calm down and rest. I’m really looking forward to next weekend where I can finally catch up and just stay home. Except I might actually be on call. Hopefully not… but maybe.

thankful im back in sf

I just got back from Dominican Republic. It was the shit. There’s so much to talk about. First. Let me just say happy 4/20 and I just had some chocolate. Shiet son. Shiet. I had part one of the chocolate… and delayed part two… and now part two is hitting me real good. Shiet yo. I’m pretty wasted.

I realize now that my posture is bad. Sitting in front of the computer. Whoa. My posture is so bad. Ok. I slightly made it better. But anyways. What was I gonna write. I’m back from vacation and I realize how great my life in SF is. I took a lyft from SFO to home. It was $25. And the guy picked me up from departures which was right at the exit of the gate. It was late so there was also no traffic. I got home in like 30 minutes.

I wish that there were lyft/uber in dominican republic. I got hella scammed on my first day. I paid $40 to get a drive from the airport to the mall. And $20 to get from the mall to my place. So $60. And then later I rented a car and the $60 trip only took me 25 minutes. Sigh. People just rip you off. I think that if you don’t speak spanish and travel … they just see you as money and try to scam you. So I got hella scammed. but no biggie.

I did laundry today. The laundry by my place finally opened. It’s now 5 minute laundry run instead of 20. Man. I save an hour per laundry run. Life is pretty good. And the new office move is happening next week. I get to experience the joys of walking to work. Damn son. Damn.

Wow. So it’s 12 and I just wanna publis this. So… go. go.


This is just a placeholder for saturday. I’m gonna sleep at 9:30PM. I’m thankful that I get to sleep now. Sleep is the shit.

Today was a typical sunday. But at the same time it was way different and for that I’m thankful. Work has been crazy. And now that I’m on the 6 day workweek… Sunday has just been recovery days for me. But I still managed to get all the things that I needed to get done. So I’m thankful for the habits that I’ve cultivated.

I’m thankful that laundry is only 2 blocks away. It use to be zero blocks… and I totally took it for granted. Now I’m kinda use to it though… it felt easier today than normal despite the fact that I’m so outta it. I’m thankful that I have a grocery store that’s 2 blocks away. I actually bought my own milk today.

I’m thankful that I can get costco delivered. It’s happening tomorrow. I’m thankful that I get to work from home tomorrow while waiting for groceries to get delivered.

I gotta start calculating my uh… malaria and whatever vaccine that I gotta start eating in early April. Wow. It’s almost april. I’ve been hella lazy recently… but even in my lazy state I think I’ve been to the gym at least twice a week. So my death mode is still higher than most people and I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful that my dancer / psychology friend gave/lent me her book Wooden on Leadership. It’s kinda crazy. Leadership of a team / organization also applies to just leading your life and steering the ship. I still remember stealing the mantra of steve. Things often go the way I plan because I steer the motherfucking ship.

I’m thankful that I have more media to consume than possible. Currently watching Arslan Senki. I’m thankful of all the improvements that I’ve made over time and through practice. I was practicing shuffle at the gym and I’m starting to hit the beats more and more.

things i'll miss about sf

I went to the gym yesterday night at my usual 1am. I’ll really miss the late night walks in almost utter silence. There’s always cars. But it’s always silence. And the buildings combined with the fog just makes it so nice. It’s like art you know… the architecture and the backdrop. I’ll miss SF.

I worked from home today because I woke up feeling sick and shitty. Then… I got food and boba delivered. Only in SF I think. Where else can you get rice/ramen delivered along with boba. I tried out teaspoon which is a new tea place in SF. The delivery. So good man. Although it turned out to be $7 USD boba. Treat yoself.

I just bought 3 games for $6 off psn. Megaman X4, Megaman X5, and Digimon Arena ps3 or something. I can’t believe I can buy Megaman X4 and X5 for $5. It’s like crazy. I remember buying the pirated version as a kid. PSX games were $8 a disc. And now… the hd version is $2. Legit. I guess it pays to be legal.

Steam is pretty awesome like that too. It only takes about 3 years for a new game to hit sub $5… and since I’m way behind on games I basically always have new $5 games to play. Except now I’m on pure linux. Still worth it though.

I’m so thankful for the high quality marjiuana that’s available in california. I think that’s something that I’ll miss so much when I’m in Canada / Japan. The drugs. Thug life chose me. Lol.

I think I’ll eventually write a megapost about all that I’ll miss in SF. I guess this will be part one.

so clean

So I just paid $90 to have my apartment cleaned. It’s kinda crazy. I guess it’s the time of skill specialization. Cleaners make $45 an hour. And I’d totally pay that amount considering how clean my place it. It kinda blows my mind that I did this. Well… it doesn’t. But it’s not something that I would’ve imagined in the past I guess. $90 is a lot of ps3 games that I could’ve bought.

The other day I was talking with a coworker. She told me she’d really like to have a personal chef one day. And the idea just incepted into my mind. Now… I want a personal chef in the future. I wonder if in another 5 years I’ll reach the level of having a personal chef. Or maybe paying a chef $90 a meal to cook me a meal or something. Who knows.

I’m thankful that I got to wfh today. It was a much needed recharge and I got to uh… clean my apartment. Or get my apartment cleaned. I have to interview someone tomorrow at 10am. Which means that I gotta wake up at like.. 8:30am. That’ll be the earliest that I’ve woken up in like… the longest time. Blargh. But whatever. I should be thankful that I get to interview and meet potential future coworkers in advance. Maybe. So far I haven’t met someone that impressed me yet though.

Yesterday I made a huge mistake. I took a nap at 10pm. Then I woke up at 12. And then couldn’t sleep until 5am. Luckily today was a WFH recovery day. I ended up watching the GSL RO16 group selections. Too jokes. Taeja makes the group of death then gets swapped out. What a master troll.

This weekend is my final weekend of oncall before my dominican republic vacation. Oh. I picked up my drugs. Who knew that for malaria you would neeeeed to fridge the live bacteria or something.

I think I really needed this reset day. I was trying really hard to deploy my code but then the vpn was down and I was like… fuck it. I’ll just crush it tomorrow.

I think it’s similar to what I said before with going full throttle vs taking it slow and steady. When you go full throttle… sometimes you gotta take a step back and recover. I feel that I’m sufficiently recovered now. But probably not at peak ability still.


Wow. I uh woke up and got to do yoga at home. It’s so amazing. I got a recording from one of my favorite yoga instructors and now it’s as if I have yoga class on demand. Mind blown.

Now I can do yoga on saturdays rain or laziness. If I sleep in like I did today I can still do yoga at 1pm. Sometimes I think that everything is just going so well and I think having yoga on demand is just a reminder of how nice I have things.

Cooked myself a delicious meal that I’ll be having later. Then I’ll be celebrating my friend’s birthday tonight.

I’ve been watching the uh… Lee Sedol vs Google games and it’s kinda crazy. Well… one is that the computer actually beat a human go player. I remmeber growing up as a kid and everyone was saying it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime but it freaking did. And the other thing is… all the technology behind the google computer… I understand the concepts of it. Like.. neural networks, monte carlo tree search, and other things.

I’ve always wondered how musicians can stay alive for so long by alive I mean relevant. And then it occurred to me that as the musicians get older the audience gets older with them so the following doesn’t really diminish. Even without many new fans… musicians will generally have their old fans and stuff. Crazy stuff yo.

Gonna watch parasyte and some movies now. Oh man… being able to watch movies on demand. Netflix is like… so good. And of course the internet. All hails the internets.

happy birthday super duper

I’m thankful that I was invited to super duper’s birthday party. I really thankful that I met such a cool mentor. I met him when I was 23 and first moved to SF and spending time with him is like looking at my life in the future in a lot of ways. I get to learn from other people. I think that at any point in time your opportunities are great but looking back you can only take one path you know - so you want to make sure you’re going down the path you want for yourself. And then I see people who have lived the amazing life vs people who just did whatever and ended up where they are.

Super duper was a mentor and a dear friend and I’m really happy for him. He’s living the dream. Working 2 days a week and playing starcraft. What a baller. What was I saying….. oh right. Looking back you can only take one path… so you’ve already neglected and lost time and shit. So you don’t want to lose time on the wrong things. At this point it’s already impossible for me to do some things. Some of my friends got married at 25 and I know that that’s not the path for me I guess.

Anyways… super thankful that I met such a wonderful person and that we’ve been friends for 4 years. I’m thankful that I live in silicon valley where I can see all the types of people that I could potentially turn into. Do I wanna be a 30 year old engineering director or a 35 year old CTO? Nah. I don’t think so. But it’s good to know that that’s the current path the ship is taking. I gotta steer the motherfucking ship.

Yesterday I went to the birthday party and just played Starcraft 2. It was great. But then… I played on a laptop with shitty gear and posture… and now my back hurts. Blargh. I’m old. I’m thankful for all the great people in my life that I’ve had the chance of meeting. It’s really weird because… everything is like random chance. The interview where they asked you that random question and you just answer with the first thing that pops into your mind. Or whatever. Serendipity in real life.

I went to spin today… was hella sick but I went. I’m thankful that I know that even though I really want to sleep… in the end going to spin is better for me both mentally and physically. Even though it’s not what I want to do…. it ends up being the best choice. Which is a lot of things. I don’t want to do - ends up being the best choice. That’s some gold right there. Alright. I’m thankful. Life is good.

Saturday Yo

Uh. I wanted this to be thankful but I tried to type Thankful Saturday and I kept defaulting to Saterday. Like… it looked wrong… but it took my brain 10 seconds to figure out the correct spelling for Saturday. Sigh. I am really really sleep deprived right now.

I went into the office today for work. Blargh. It’s actually not too bad. Had cookies and donuts and turtle tower with the team. We had the retrospective today and I’m thankful that I worked with such smart and nice people. I was kinda out Friday and didn’t do much so I felt bad but you can’t really do anything with you’re running on fumes.

I’m thankful that I’m wearing semi clean clothes. Lol. I’m literally wearing my last pair of clean underwear. Tomorrow I need to do laundry… but it’s also going to rain the entire day so I’m hoping that there’ll be enough of a window for me to do laundry. I watched the UFC today and damn. Holm and McGregor both lost. I think the moral of the story is that you can never give up. True champs fight to the end and it was so impressive to that Miesha got the 5th round submission considering the fact that she was on her way to defeat and getting punched in the face by a champ.

I started watching Parasyte. On my way back home from work I realized I was being retarded. I was really annoyed that the lyft driver didn’t stop on the right side of the street because it was raining like crazy. But then I realized I should just be thankful for the existance of lyft and the fact that I can cheaply and easily get access to car rides.

I’m thankful that I’ll finally get to catch up on sleep. Probably gonna sleep close to 15 hours soon. Oh man… kinda crazy sleep deprived.

Dad visiting

I’m thankful that my Dad visited me all the way from Toronto. He boughht me president’s choice chocolate chip cookies x3. It’s like… one of the few things that I really miss about Toronto. Them chocolate chip cookies.

I went to Cafe la Press with my dad and had an egg benedict. It’s really funny because I was craving egg benedict ever since the shoukugeki no souma episode. I’m thankful that I got to have fancy french food that’s one block away from my house with my dad. Also egg benedict. Sadly it didn’t compare to the anime version.

Then itea. I tried out the panda milk tea. So goood. For dinner I took my dad to cheesecake factory. I’m thankful that I get to have such a delicious cheesecake place. I was annoyed by the fact that you can’t book and stuff. Waiting is a huge pet peeve of mine… I need to uh… get better at it. So far I’ve just been avoid all places that need to wait.

I think whenever visit it makes me realize how lucky I am. My home is like… the perfect setup. And it’s close to everything. Ramen. Burgers. Boba. Cheesecake. So much goodness that I sometimes take for granted.

I booked Alexander’s steakhouse for tomorrow. I’m thankful that something fancy and nice as Alexander’s steakhouse is in store for me. Tomorrow will be golden gate bridge and fisherman’s wharf tour guide.

weekly appreciate

I just made my own sushi sandwich wrap. It was quite tasty. I’m thankful for the ease which I got it. Amazon delivered me the seaweed sheets and chinatown got me the shredded pork fillings.

I’m thankful that I’m healthy now. I was like really borderline sick and I would say that I’m still borderline sick. Might work from home tomorrow to not infect others but… it’s good that I’m not deathly sick.

I hang around some really smart people. I’m thankful that I have them in my life. I’m thankful for the great books that I have access to… currently reading hardwiring happiness and wooden on leadership.

SF public transit isn’t actually too bad. I’m thankful that I don’t need to drive in SF. between public transit / lyft / uber… I’m hella spoiled.

Also I learned how to make essentially pizza hut level garlic bread with cheese at home. Except it’s sour dough bread with cheese. I went out to get boba yesterday and it was the chinese new year annual parade. I’m thankful for the #onlyinsf events that I just stumble upon since I live downtown.

Software Engineer Thankful

I just spent Friday playing Street Fighter IV and Magic with a dance friend. He came over to visit the headquarters and play some video games and magic. I think… there’s just a lot that I take for granted. Like… when people visit my office they are quite surprised by how nice it is. We have the PS4 + Wii U setup for video games.

My work machine. I’m so spoiled. It’s the best 15’ Macbook Pro you can get. It’s fully decked out with max ram / ssd / graphics. I have steam on it and Starcraft 2 and use my work laptop as a gaming machine… just because it’s so powerful. I have a desktop that’s more powerful… but my desktop is Linux only. I wouldn’t have access to OSX if it wasn’t for work.

At work… I have a DAS mechanical keyboard and a steelseries uh… sensei gaming mouse. It’s like… the coolest gear that I would get for myself at home if I could. My home mechanical keyboard isn’t even as ‘nice’ as a DAS. It’s still a really nice mechanical keyboard from steelseries but not quite DAS level. I remember uh… back in my University of Waterloo days. It’s like looking over coop job descriptions. They let you get whatever gear you want… so you could like pick a new windows laptop or like have $1500 to spend on a laptop/desktop/keyboard combo… and I’m thinking now… in the present my laptop / keyboard / monitor / mouse setup at work is - it really can’t be much better.

My friend was quite amazed by the office and my work setup. And to be honest… if you asked the old me back in the University of Waterloo days. If I could predict my work life… you know the interview question - what would you be doing in 5 years? 5 years ago.. I was 22 and about to graduate from the University of Waterloo. If I were to guess at my outcome then… my current situation is like… I would describe myself as lucky as fuck. If I were really lucky… I’d get to work on the next up and coming startup. I’d get catered lunches. Make over 100k. Have my own place. Get to work with really cool technology.

Like… the 5 years ago me… this would be like the ideal dream life. The 1% chance almost. And now I’m living it. So I’m hella thankful I guess. It’s weird that… I take so much for granted. What’s crazy scary is… I wonder what 5 years from now will be like. My dream for 5 years from now… will I achieve the 1%. The best that I could possibly dream of. When I’m…. 32. Will everything that I’m dreaming of now. The 1% ideal world come to fruition? It’s kinda scary. On one hand… I actually believe that it’ll happen. All my dreams will come true. Like… I mean. If I’m living the 1% dream from 5 years ago… why can’t I be living the 1% dream that I have now? I think I can do it… and I’m taking the steps to make that a reality. Shiet… it’s like… scary and exciting at the same time.

I’m really thankful that my passion of video games lead me to software engineering and then having met some crazy mentors in silicon valley. I think I already wrote a post about it. I’m honestly surprised at how good I’ve gotten. And how good some other people can be.

I took over on call for a coworker so I’ll be on call for Valentine’s day weekend. Forever alone. -,-

Lucky and thankful

I had to work on Sunday during the superbowl. It was crazy and hectic. The thing is… it’s not bad at all and I kinda enjoyed it. The thing is so many times I forget how lucky I am. Even though I do a weekly thankful post to remind me of all the things I’m thankful of… there are times when I just think negative thoughts. All this work that I have to do. Or all the laundry I gotta carry a whole two blocks etc.

The reality is that I’m really lucky. I work for a pretty cool company with lots of smart people. The company that I work for is almost my dream company. Almost. Or rather… I can’t really imagine a better company to work for. Then again I’ve only been working at 7 or so companies so maybe I haven’t seen enough of the world.

I went to the gym today… even though I was really tired from work and stuff. And it was great. I definitely feel better that I went to the gym. And it’s like… I could look at the gym as work… but really it’s I get to live in a place that’s like walking distance to a good gym. I was one of 3 people using the entire facility… it was like my own private gym. I mean… it doesn’t get much better than that.

A lot of the times I think of things as work. But it really isn’t because I enjoy doing it and it’s fun. I think that’s just a relic of the old thought pattern where anything that wasn’t retardedly easy and effortless with work. But fun can take effort too I guess. Well… I guess this somewhat turned into a thankful post. I’m thankful for all the amazing people in my life. It’s chinese new years. I’m thankful for the people that I work with. And I’m thankful that I live in a wonderful place. Life is good.

Thankful superbowl

Today’s unique event was helping my friend move his furniture. Woke up at 1030am and walked up two flights of stairs to help him move his bed and shelves. It was about 20 minutes of physical labour. This is the guy who referred me to the building and helped me find the perfect location in SF to build my lair. Hehe. Lair. Sometimes I wonder… if my SF lair will be looked upon as the most fondly. You know how people with startup growth and stuff.. their favorite story is of the grind. Back in the day we had to code in a dark basement yadda yadda yada. It’s like.. back in the day I had a studio in SF. It was the shit. Maybe someday when I’m rich with my mansion I’ll look back on the days of my SF lair life.

I’m thankful that I live in such a nice location. I’m glad that I got to help a friend out with random stuff. I think… it kinda goes full circle. I went to yoga today. And wow… yoga was hard. It’s surprising that downward dog still isn’t a restful position for me. The thing about full circle is what I’ve been thinking about wanting stuff and achievement. It’s like dreams -> achievement -> new dreams -> new achievement. Or in the case of the helping friend behaviour… don’t wanna help -> can help -> want to help. Or in the case of talking to strangers at a party for me it’s can’t talk -> can talk -> don’t wanna talk. It’s like… the action is the same… but the thoughts behind the action is way different.

I’m thankful for the nice california weather today. The walk to yoga was actually so enjoyable. The days are starting to get longer which is good.. since sunlight is good for my health. Oh. The other thing about full cycle is that some of my friends went to Tahoe this weekend. It’s like… don’t like trips -> trips are fun -> i’d rather go to yoga then tahoe. The action of don’t like trips and i’d rather go to yoga is the same (staying home) but then the reasoning behind it is so much different. But it does feel like a full circle. It’s like… I attended toastmasters to get better at public speaking. But I don’t ever use the skill because I don’t need it.

I guess I’m thankful that I know myself better and that I’m better at just doing what I want. I think I’m just better at embracing my selfishness now. I’m selfish.. but I sometimes enjoy helping others. = deal with it.

Last week of january 2016

Wow. A month is almost done. 1/12 of the new year is gone. Shit. Time flies yo. It’s totally a product of me being an old man.

Anyways. I’m thankful that I have good healthcare coverage in the States. It’s a rare privilege I suppose. I got my Hep b shot this morning. It’s in preparation of my Dominican Republic trip in April.

I’m thankful that I have the flexibility to work from home. Yesterday I went to see the sports chiro. I’m thankful of my sports chiro and of the person who introduced me. The sports chiro helps out with my back and my posture so much.

I’m thankful of instacart. I’m gonna have my weekly groceries delivered in about 2 hours. It’s pretty sweet.

I’m thankful of the support and uh warmth of my dance group. We learned house dance again and it was so much fun just like… jacking around. haha. Also the cyclone kick. I can’t wait till I learn the shoryuken shuffle.

I started reading… this psychology book. Man. I’m thankful of all the resources that I have access to.

thankful for the ultimate alliance

I went out for dinner + dancing with the ultimate alliance group yesterday. It was so much fun. I’m thankful that I get to be a part of a dance group of super cool people.

I think that as I’ve gotten older I’ve diversified my friends group…I’m thankful for that. Well… even though I saw that I think all my friends are still college educated and don’t believe in creationalism. It’s weird that apparently in America half the population don’t believe in evolution. But I guess that’s a topic for another post.

I’m so thankful for the invention of contact lenses. I think I’m gonna get laser eye surguery at some point in time. It’s just so amazing that… I can see clearly without glasses.

I’m thankful that I live in a city. There’s just so much a take for granted. Walking around chinatown/sf/union square. I’m living in the place that people pay to travel to and take pictures of the streets and stuff. I just walk by the buildings and the streets everyday like it’s nothing.

I’m thankful that I’ve met wonderful mentors in my career. It’s kinda crazy how good I’ve become in terms of technical / software competency. I guess that’s what happens when I start applying myself and focusing on deliberate practice. At the same time… I guess it’s time for me to give back soon. The mentee becomes the mentor huh?

Post holidays

There’s so much that I take for granted I feel. I’m thankful that I have friends that I can just reach out to after not really talking for months and having everything be normal. And them being there for me. I’m thankful that I escaped Canada and the horrible internet caps. My friend ran out of bandwidth this month… while here in SF I have unlimited bandwidth and 50M download which is faster than anything that I had previously.

I’m thankful for amazon.com. It’s like… literally one of the bestest things about living in the states. I would buy their stock… but it’s like too expensive for me. I ordered myself an xperia m4 aqua because it was on sale recently. I also got myself a 128gb microsd card for $40. So for about $200 I got a fully decked out waterproof phone. Technology is pretty amazing.

I’m thankful for the fact that there’s 24h fitness. It’s great that I’ve built up the habit to work out. I went to the gym today from 9~10pm right around closing time. I’m still weaker than my peak… but my deadlift is at a personal best. I also got myself a panani machine on amazon for like $30 on a whim. I’m thankful that I now have the growth mindset and I like to experiment and try out new things. I’ve been making grilled cheeses from a pot. Like a stainless steel pasta pot. Just because I don’t own a frying pan. I can’t wait to make sandwiches on my panani machine.

I’m thankful that I have access to decent healthcare. I recently got my hep a / b vaccines in preparation for my cousin’s april wedding in Dominican Republic. I’m thankful for steam and the steam christmas sales. It hurts my wallet and my backlog is greater than 3 years but still. Steam has advanced linux gaming so much. I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition on my linux machine with my friend who is on windows. Linux and Windows cross play. That’s pretty amazing. Via steam. I can’t wait till steam box takes off and more and more games get on linux.

I think… I need to stop thinking of things that I want to do as work. It’s not work because I want to do it. I’m thankful that I didn’t get too sick this year. I remember last year I was sick and it wiped me out for 2 weeks of my holidays. It’s important to not take health for granted. Whenever I’m healthy… I always end up abusing my body because I’m so healthy you know. And then I sleep bad and eat bad. It’s important just to be thankful that I’m in good health.

Holiday party

So much to be thankful for this week. I had the so much fun at the holiday party. I got to dress up and shit. I look so goood. Tony always said I was a narcissist. So… now I guess I’m embracing it.

I got myself a fitbit charge hr, sennheiser hd 650 and the fiio e10k. Treat yoself. I’m thankful that I can pretty much buy all the toys and electronics that I want.

I’m thankful for Yakuza 5. It’s so good. I’m thankful that someone invented contact lenses. It’s so magical. It’s like I’m wearing nothing at all (nothing at all). Teehee.

I’m thankful for the Silicon Valley life. Like… it feels like I’m living in the Silicon Valley show. I was smoking weed at the holiday party with my coworkers. It’s pretty damn amazing. I didn’t bring a lighter as usual and just borrowed someone else’s.

post ccsf dance performance

Wow. The craziest thing happened to me this morning and I feel like I have to write about it. It’ll probably be cleaned up in a thoughts post. You know… the inner lazy monkey voice? The one that when you want to do work tells you to read hacker news or reddit? To eat that cookie? When you want to the gym - it gives you a list of reasons to stay home and you need to willpower it to be able to take action? This morning… my monkey convinced me to go to yoga. It was like… so different. Normally it’s me trying to convince the monkey to go to yoga… but this morning it was the monkey convincing me. The monkey is from this site.

Before I forget.. this is what happened in the morning. Alarm went off. Let’s go to yoga. But I already missed 3 weeks of Saturday yoga. monkey - all the more reason to go. But it’s santa con - you went to yoga on st patty’s day. But I’ll be late - you’ve gone to yoga late plenty of times. but it’s cold - don’t worry yoga will warm you up. but i rather sleep - remember the benefits of yoga and how it’ll help your mind and body. It’s just… too crazy. It’s like… having the monkey on the side of what the proper action should be. I think… that’s probably what people who say follow your dreams and follow your passion means. When you have the monkey on your side… you’re pretty much unstoppable. Also - I don’t think my monkey can be defeated by logic. Because he’s logic and convincing as fuck. Hmmm. Maybe I’m crazy. And only my monkey is amazingly logical. /shrug.

So yeah. I went to yoga this morning with a big boost from my monkey. So I’m thankful that my instant gratification monkey is sometimes on my side. I just got back from lunch and some grocery shopping. I’m thankful that i-tea is between me and grocery :D. I’m thankful that I got my Chase Sapphire Preferred. I’ve gotten all my dream credit cards from a few years ago now.

I was playing Yakuza 5 yesterday. I finally finished the download and install. And I’m thankful in so many ways for Yakuza 5. I’m thankful that I have the fastest internet that I’ve ever lived with. I currently have 50M down with no download limits. I downloaded an entire PS3 game without having to leave my house. That’s pretty crazy. Yakuza 5 is such a good game. I just love the japanese voice acting and how it really feels like your transported in japan.

Yesterday I was the stage manager for the dance performance at CCSF. I’m thankful that I got to meet so many people and I can’t wait to perform with my group.

I’m thankful that I get to work with smart and talented people. At work I’m on this team that’s working such challenging things. I like working with people who are much better than me cause then they expect me to be as good as them which forces me to improve at a much faster rate. I think that’s the case with whatever that I choose to persue. Programming / Dance / Running etc.

On a side note - I’m thankful that UFC 194 and that no injuries happened. I’m so excited for Weidman vs Rockhold and Aldo vs McGregor. Weidman vs Rockhold is exciting because Weidman hasn’t really been challenged by anyone except Silva in his first fight. And Luke dominated Lyoto. That was some crazy shit. It’s like two fighters in the absolute prime who surpassed the previous generation. So excited. And then Aldo vs McGregor. I actually think Aldo is gonna dominate this fight. He’s been untouchable and is basically Anderson Silva Jr.

I’m thankful for all the friends that I’ve made. I ordered a charge HR so soon I’ll be able to monitor my heart rate 24/7. As well as my sleep. To determine if I’m actually sleeping enough.

Post performance day 1

So much that I’m thankful for. First… I guess I wanna write down my thoughts on the performance since it was today and it’s fresh in my mind. I didn’t really have a goal for the performance… it was mostly to have fun. I guess… I didn’t want to aim for perfection since perfection isn’t really possible. There’s always gonna be a better and a worse. I think I performed in the range of expectations which is not too good or not too bad today. It was so much fun. I got to sit for the tech… and uh watch the other group perform. I think… I’m finally starting to understand dance / choreo. The thing is… learning new pieces was always really difficult because for me it was always learning arbitrary moves paired with music. I think it’s because I didn’t understand the basics / underlying principles. After watching most of the shows… I think it’s obvious that the moves are synced to the music in a sense that a beat / drop is usually associated with a strong / step move. Mind blown. I guess it’s good I’m starting to see a pattern and not seeing it as a series of random movements.

The other thing is… all the other performers were really really good. But like… they were also practicing for months and most of them had years of experience. I guess… it’s unrealistic to expect that I could become as good as people who started dancing when they were 5. Oh. Also the opening was a kid’s dance to Michael Jackson songs… they were hella good and hella cute. A lot of people see the performance… and then they want to be as good as the performers… but then they don’t see the years of practice and hard work that allowed the performance to happen. The other thing is… I recently finished the book Software Project Survival Guide by Steve Mcconnell. And I find that a lot of the concepts apply to real life more than projects. Well… I’ll write a full review on the book… but I think the book is mostly targetted towards medium / large corporations and not really start-ups. Anyways… it’s much cheaper to catch mistakes early on. If defect that slips in the planning stage… cost 200x more to fix in the development stage. And… I suddenly thought of the dance choreo and uh. Learning new things. If you learn the dance choreo wrong / not well in the beginning and you just practice… towards the end it gets much harder to get it right. So don’t just approximate the moves… always learn it correct the first time. I think… my deadlifts / squats need a rework. I think I might have learned some wrong stuff.

Well. I’m thankful that I got to work with an awesome dance instructor and meet some really cool people as part of my kpop performance dance workshop. I’m thankful that I got to see the tech reharsal of all the other major dance groups. Like… it feels like VIP to sit in an empty theatre and watch the dancers perform. I’m thankful that I have amazon.com and amazon prime. I just ordered a lumo lift for posture and a box of lindt chocolate and it’s expected to arrive tomorrow. I remember…. growing up as a child Lindt was considered gourmet chocolate since it was expensive and I/we couldn’t really afford gourmet chocolate. I gotta remember to take pictures with everyone tomorrow.

Post black friday

I just finished meditating. I did end up buying the Sennheiser 598 Black edition. I had kpop dance practice today and it was the final practice before the tech which is this coming Friday. I was reading an article on poverty on hacker news about how some people who grew up with poverty identify with poverty and thus are labelled as poor and mistreated by society by having to overcome barriers. Extra paper work at hospitals etc. Because they are perceived as low literacy or whatever.

I also recently read this article on hacker news about this italian programmer who struggled to learn English. He became fluent at the level of being able to communicate his programming ideas but not fully fluent. And I guess. It made me not realize… but like remember the fact that I’m really lucky and I have lots to be thankful for. I was born in Canada. I guess right now… sometimes I wish I were born in the America… (I hope that statement doesn’t disqualify me for future TN visa..). Being born in Canada with universal health care and a good public education system. Well… good is subjective I guess but it worked for me. I got access to tax paid public school education… and went to the University of Waterloo. I paid for tuition mostly by myself and graduated with really little debt.

I’m really thankful that I can speak fluent english. I think… something like that gets… discounted. I mean. I grew up in Canada and although the first few years of public school…the teachers said I had poor english or whatever. My dad was like “I’m more worried about my son not speaking Chinese” and I guess his worry was correct. I speak english order of magnitude better than chinese. But like… being able to speak fluent english is a pretty big advantage over the rest of the world. I think having any type of foreign english accent is probably detrimental to job searching. Even though it shouldn’t be the case.

I think I have a tendency to be negative. Probably like most people. Instead of appreciating the fact that I was born in Canada which is a really good place - I just think if only I could be born in the States. Or Japan. I mean… going to school in Japan would’ve been amazing. Like… the 3 school terms with a few weeks of vacation. The school festivals and uniforms. I’m gonna pull a my boss my hero and enroll in a Japanese high school at age 30. Lol. Instead of appreciating how hard working my parents were and how they sacrificed to raise me… I tend to wish that I had even better parents that were smarter, better and more supportive.

I’m really thankful for all the amazing people that I’ve met. And for all my uh… hunches and faith to have come through. I recently took 3 weeks of unpaid leave.. and it’s really great that my company lets me do that. Prior to this… I just quit my job and decided that I wanted something different and to challenge myself. I quit my job before I found another one because I had faith in my abilities and I knew that I could find a better job easily, and one that would satisfy all the requirements in my decision matrix. And everything worked out. Well. I guess that’s survivorship bias right there. But - I seem to always survive. And when I don’t survive. I guess you won’t be reading what I’m writing.

It’s the final week of my vacation. And it’s undoubtedly gonna be a jam packed finish. I got 3 books to finish. And a bunch of people to catch up with over lunch and stuff. This break has been so amazing to my recovery. I guess it’s true that you just need to take a step back to appreciate what you have. Amazon.com is so amazing. I need to just appreciate how great it is. Moving from amazon.ca to amazon.com. I think that alone is almost 50% of how great america is compared to canada.

I was too lazy to leave my house to walk 2 blocks to buy milk. And so… I got postmates to deliver me milk today. I feel so spoiled. I’m so grateful that… the technology exists for this to happen and that I can afford to use such a technology. I ordered some guess boots from amazon and it arrived so fast. I look hella good in my dance performance outfit. Folllow me on instagram to eventually see me post the picture. :)

tl;dr - I’m hella appreciative of the small things that I often neglect. Being born Canadian. Having a family that raised me without having to worry about food or shelter. Life is good

Thanksgiving 2015

I’m tempted to write a mega annual thankful post but I think that’ll wait til closer to the new year. I still have another month left before the year ends and I think I’ll have much more to be thankful for in this month. I’ve already met some of the coolest people this year. And I also learned so much about myself and grew so much.

For this post… I guess I’ll just write about one thing specifically that I’m thankful for. And I guess… it’s technology and how I’m living in the future. Shiet… I’m an old man now. I’m like.. the old man that talks to kids about back in the day blah blah blah. I’ve recently been playing Starcraft 2 - Legacy of the Void on my Macbook Pro. And it’s… so amazingly fun. And nostalgic. Tempted to post some spoilers… I guess I’ll just say that seeing one of my favorite characters die… was sad.

But back in the day… I remember when I was a young kid who knew nothing about computers or programming. I remember having a P4 2.4 ghz PC with 768 Megs of RAM. I felt like such a badass for having so much ram back in the day. It was 512+256. I mean… how many people even have 256 back in the day not to mention two sticks of different sizes. I remember wanted to learn how to do thing from the windows terminal because the dos window looked so cool. Real men use the command line - I guess I stumbeld upon that at a young age before I even knew what command line really was.

It’s crazy. Now… my laptop has 16 gigs of ram. My phone has 2 gigs of ram. And my phone is a dual core. It’s so crazy that… looking back… I was imagining the future… and now that I’m in the future. There’s no way that past me could’ve predicted the future. I mean… that’s why whenever employers ask where you think you’ll be in 5 years or 10 years… I think that the question is bullshit. Because… so much changes in like 2 years. I don’t think I could’ve predicted where I’d be at two years ago… it’s like. Too far out and crazy.

Anyways. I guess for this post… I’m just thankful for the crazy technology progress in computer hardware and technology in general. My cell phone is faster than the computer that I use to play Starcraft on. And it’s resolution is higher than the 1024x768 monitor I had back in the day. And my cellular data is faster than the cable internet back in the day of 1M. Crazy right.

tl;dr - I’m thankful for the advances in technology and how my phone is more powerful than the machine I use to play Starcraft on

pre black friday week

My first week of staycation / time off has ended. It’s been an amazing week.

I’m thankful that I can just take some unpaid time off as needed. I’m thankful for all the positive people that I have in my life. This week I actually spent most of my time catching up with people that I didn’t get to spend much time with. It made me realize how spoiled I am. Some of my friends work 9-5 jobs where they only have a one hour lunch. Every job that I’ve had gave me flexible work hours where my lunches weren’t timed and I can go get coffee whenever I want.

More recently I’m thankful that I live in the States now with amazon.com. I just ordered Sengoku Basara and Dynasty Warriors 8 for PS3 and… there was free single day shipping. I ordered at 3am today(saturday) and it arrives before 9pm today. I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by delicious food and everything is so convenient. I woke up… then walked 10 minutes to Sam Wo in chinatown for delicious food and dinner / takeout. Then I went to the target that’s 5 blocks from my house for some grocery shopping. Everything is walking distance for me and I’m spoiled.

The other day I had dim sum with a friend at 2:30pm. It was glorious. Like… the dim sum place is normally really packed. But it was a weekday at 2:30pm so I’m guessing most people have work. I feel so thankful that I got to experience what it’s like to be.. outside the realms of normal I guess. It’s like… if I were working I wouldn’t get to experience it. Everyone is at work… while I’m having dim sum. So thankful and so spoiled.

I’ve been reading How I raised myself from failure to success in selling by Frank Bettger. It’s a really interesting read. And I was just chilling in cafe / boba / coffee places while reading a book. I’m really thankful that I get to just… enjoy reading a book with coffee in an pretty much empty place. There’s two or three other books that I want to read in my break. I’m really looking forward to more book and coffee time.

I’m thankful that I got to binge watch all the anime that I’ve been backlogged. I finished Jojo’s Bizzare adventure Egypt arc and Isshuukan friends. :)

There’s way more stuff that I’m thankful for. But I guess this is a good start. I’m building the habit of writing a post each day. And this will be the 2nd post of the one post per day streak.

Thankful 3rd week of August

Hmm. This week was mostly a normal week. I think… time flies by so fast. Let’s start with today.

I’m thankful that SF weather is just perfect. Sunny without it being overly hot. I’m thankful that 24h fitness exists and I get to go to yoga class on Saturday. Yoga class cost me $5 if you count my membership monthly divided by the visits of yoga. I’m thankful that I have such a good yoga instructor for such a cheap price. I’m thankful that I can walk to yoga. My walking score in San Francisco is 100. I’m thankful that I live so close to chinatown. I can just wake up and walk to chinatown for delicious food. I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about money. I just went to the bank to withdraw $200.. and I know there are people who need to check their balances before they can withdraw money.. but I just spend without having to worry about money. I don’t have to worry about food.

Looking foward: I’m thankful that my cousins will be visiting me. I’m thankful that I have family that I enjoy spending time with. I’m thankful that I have monday off. Even though I’m planning on doing some work on the weekend.

Looking back… this week I’m thankful for all the supportive and amazing coworkers that I have. I’m thankful for the cool opportunity for my career. I do what I enjoy with freedom and flexibility. I interviewed a guy for work today. It was the first technical interview I gave… and I think I might have been more nervous than the interviewee. But… it was a pretty cool experience and I’m thankful for that.

I wrote so much beautiful code. And I learned so much from code reviews. Life is good. I did a badass live deploy while handling race conditions. I feel so badass.

I’m thankful… that I get to work in my beautifully constructed home. With dual monitors. Standing desk. Sennheiser 598s. And a TV playing my favorite music in the background. Sure… I work long hours… but I enjoy all the time spent working. Like now…. perfect music and coding. Is pretty high on how I enjoy spending my time. It’s crazy that my work is so similar to how I would want to spend my time anyways.


I recently planned on daily posts on my blog. Saturdays will be dedicated to writing about things I”m thankful for. A bunch of happiness books / ted talks about how being thankful and appreciating what you have makes you a happeier person. So I guess the thankful series is a way for me to try and be happier by being more thankful.

I started off the day being woken up by an amazon delivery. I’m grateful that I live in America, and specifically San Francisco. Amazon prime makes life so convenient. I got floss, conditioner and socks delivered to my doorstep. And for a cheaper price I would’ve paid for if I still had to buy it myself in Canada. America is a pretty sweet place to be living in.

I’m thankful that I don’t have to worry about my meals. I woke up and I could’ve ordered food with postmates / eat24 / walked to chinatown. I just cooked something today and it was simple and delicious. I made pasta with chicken. I’m thankful that the internet has made television so accessible. I marathon watched Silicon Valley. I’m up to the end of season 2 with only one episode left. Silicon Valley is so funny… because there’s actually so much… truth in the show. Bro is such a joke app. But then we had Yo… which had funding. And last year… I actually used yo so much because it was hilarious.

I got the platinum trophy for FFX today. I was just bored and felt like completing it. Paid Yojimbo 200k to Zanmato the uber aeon for me because I couldn’t be bothered to beat him legitimately. I’m thankful that I have my dream home almost. The only thing missing from my current place is a gym inside the building. And laundry. But everything else is pretty perfect and I’m thankful for what I gots.

tl;dr - I’m thankful for amazon, tasty food, and having video games in my life