Video Games

As a kid since the days of the Super Nintendo, I've been a video gamer. I was introduced to the world of video games when my uncle got a super nintendo. Both my uncles were really good at Donkey Kong when it first came out. I think Donkey Kong was a major jump start to my video game career. I remember back in the day, my uncle was actually better than me at Donkey Kong. When I got a chance to play with them, they were at the last boss of Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo and they let me play one life. I died way faster than my uncles did. That's like a flashbulb memory for me. Back in the day when my uncles could play video games better than me.

My video game started off on the Super Nintendo. I only owned a couple of games on the Super Nintendo and I played the hell out of them. Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, Super Mario Kart, and Super Mario RPG. Oh, and Super Metroid. I didn't get to beat Super Metroid until way later in my life until I discovered / started using Why you would ever think of using a super bomb in a straight line pipe... is beyond me. For those of you who played super metroid.. you would get the reference.

My best friend had a Playstation and I would go to his house after school and during lunch as much as I could to play video games. This friend also had a NES which was crazy because Double Dragon and this Conan like game was so amazingly fun. It was a modified playstation so there were so many games at our disposal. I think the game that most influenced me in the playstation era was Megaman X4. I can speed run X4 to perfection. Both as Zero and Megaman... even now I think I know the 'proper' order of beating the bosses. I could beat the bosses out of order just because I'm so good. I was also introduced to my first sampling of JRPGs. Specifically Wild Arms, and Legend of Legaia. I have extremely fond memories of these two JRPGs. I played all the Wild Arms (1,2,3,4,5) and I played both Legend of Legaia, and Legaia 2 on the PS2.

Around this time there was my emulator binge. I played video games on the Zsnes, and no$gmb (that's just from my memory) and some nes emulator. I remember playing the shit out of FF1, on the NES emulator. I would walk on the two tile tip of the island in order to fight glitched monsters and level up faster. After I mastered the game, I would do the crystals out of order... just because. On the zsnes emulator I played so many games because roms were so accessible, I played FF2 and FF3. I beat FF2... the Cecil one legitimately but I don't think I ever beat FF3. I reached the point where the world exploded and it became the dessert world, but I never progressed beyond it. I guess as a kid, I didn't feel like exploring and figuring out where to go.

When I got into High School I graduated with almost straight A's in order for my dad to get me a Playstation 2. Back then the Playstation 2 was just out and I think it cost ~$1000. For my first few playstation 2 games, I got Star Wars super bombad racing, some donald duck game and Orphan Scion of Socery. I also took advantage of the backwards comparability to play a bunch of old school games. I played the shit out of super bombad racing, it's just a really addicting kart game. My sister was actually surprisingly good at it. I spent so much money buying PS2 and PSX games from gamesuniverse I think that I became VIP at that site. This was before the amazon days I guess. The games universe actually had a primitive version of recommendation of people who bought this game also bought and it was how I discovered other cool RPGs.

After getting my PS2. I played Legend of Dragoon. That game was so awesome. I don't know why I enjoyed that game so much... it is kinda generic and stuff. I guess it was the fact that it had the power rangers style of gameplay and the graphics was good. The battle system of timed button presses reminded me of Super Mario RPG. On my PS2 I played FF7, FF8, FF9 after playing FFX. I think FFX is my favorite final fantasy by far. Then I played Xenosaga and Kingdom Hearts. Both of these are on my top JRPGs list. Xenosaga is one of my all time favorites because Chaos man. Chaos. So tempted to write spoilers here. I got really into Chrono Cross but the game was way to advanced, in a sense that you have no idea where to go. I'm surprised people can ever finish a game like Chrono Cross without a guide.

I bought a N64 used from my friend after my PS2. I got so good at the original super smash brothers. I also played so much golden eye and perfect dark with my friends. Super Smash Bros on the N64 was such a good way to meet fellow gamers and establish nerd cred. I'm actually surprised that I haven't met someone who was better than me at the original N64 version, I guess it's because I didn't know that many people.

After my PS2, I transitioned to PC gaming. I played some old school as games like Baldurs Gate and Age of Wonders. I spent hours and hours on Shadow Magic. Before I built my first PC in college I played a shit ton of D2 and Ragnarok Online. I also played Fairyland which was not my thing. In D2 I had every single build of character level 85+. Hammerdin, Zealdin, WW barb, Summon Necro, Poison Necro, Trapsin, Cold Sorc, Fire Sorc, Bowzon, Javzon etc. I dumped so much time in D2 and RO. I remember there was an event in RO where there was a server reset and then a prize for the first person to reach reborn level 99. I think I marathoned gamed for 50 hours.. then I gave up because I was playing against teamworking siblings.

In college was when I got my first self built PC. I got the 2900XT and a Q6600. It could run Crysis. Back when Crysis was the most poorly optimized game in existence. I played Crysis, CoD Modern Warfare and that's when I also got into Dota. I spent way too much time playing dota. Dota is almost like the only game I regret playing so much, but then Dota 2 came out and it's good that my base skill is decent I guess. I can still own newbs on Dota 2 with heroes that I'm familiar with which works for me.

With my PC I started getting into PS2 emulation. PCSX2 was like the best thing ever. Through PCSX2 I played Persona 4 and Persona 3. Persona 4 is tied for my favorite game / JRPG of all time. Persona 4 is the pinnacle of the golden age of JRPGs I feel. It is so. damn. good. I replayed all the Xenosaga games on the PCSX2 just because.


List of Video Games I've played in semi chronological order (completion or >10hours played) :