I bought Devil May Cry for the PS3 reboot for my two weeks of vacation in Toronto. On vacation I could finally play video games without worrying about other shit because there's not much going on in my home in Markham. It was a nice break from the organized life of me in San Francisco.

Firstly, I need to admit that I played the game on newbie mode. Which was disappointing I guess - because the game was quite easy. You are presented with three modes and since I haven't played action games in awhile, I choose to play one below the highest level which is Nephilim. Anyways, the game was quite easy because of that difficulty level. I think the only place I gamed over was when I failed to attack the boss when the opportunity presented itself. Basically, you knock them down and you need to kill the inner core or something, so I just kept repeatedly knocking him down expecting him to eventually die... and then I realized that he'll respawn indefinitely until you attack him on knockdown.

This is a pure reboot in a sense that the story is rewritten. In the original Dante was a hybrid of human/demon. Now he's a hybrid of demon/angel aka Nephilim. The storyline was straightforward - you want to kill the evil demon lord who is ruling the human world from behind the scenes. You and your brother Vergil actually team up in order to take him down. It's a good breath of fresh air to see Dante and Vergil working together and seeing how they teamwork so well together. As expected of brothers. The thing that I wasn't looking forward to was that I knew at some point in time Vergil would turn on you and you'd have to fight him - which was both inevitable and disappointing.

The thing that I didn't like was the new control scheme.k I think that Devil May Cry 4 - had possibly the best control scheme. It was amazing how good the gameplay was and how much fun it was to be stylish in that game. In this new version you can't really switch weapons as easily. There are specific types of weapons besides the usual rebellion. There are angel weapons and demon weapons. I didn't like how there were enemies who could only be beat by using angel or demon weapons. Even though it existed in DMC4, I think that was more of a function of a certain weapon would make life easier. In this version of the game, it's enforced such that there are enemies you can't kill with your sword.

The other thing is that there is so much platforming in this game. It's like a fusion of Devil May Cry and Spiderman. So much of it is you jumping from platform to platform with your ninja hook aka spiderweb. I think I died way more from falling from a bad hook / jump that from bosses.

In the gameplay, they made it so that enemies not in your viewing angle don't attack you so you don't get blind attacked. So it's possibly to exploit this to make your life easier by having only the enemies you're focusing on visible.

Story: 7/10
Characters: 9/10
Music: 7/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

I really enjoyed Devil May Cry games. DMC3 and DMC4 are possible my favorite action games. I don't think this is as good as 3 or 4, but it's pretty damn good. Link the the PS3 version here