the last of us

I finished The Last of Us with my brother as assistance. Uh. I think this is a good time to rehash a thought which is… everyone is different and you gotta do what matters to you. I kinda played the game almost as an obligation. So many of my friends said it was GOTY and that it was a classic. It was such an amazing game. You just have to play it etc. So I did.

I can’t say the game is bad… because it isn’t. It’s just that I didn’t enjoy playing it. I don’t like survival horror games. I don’t like stealth games. I like to rambo that shit. And they don’t give you enough bullets, you can’t win a straight up gunfight… you gotta stealth and take them out one by one. The game was… not my style. I didn’t enjoy the gameplay. It’s not really the difficulty… since I enjoy playing Ninja Gaiden / Devil May Cry / God of War and I’d say those games are just as difficult. Actually… nah… I think my skill in those games is high.

I guess the messaage is… the last of us is an amazing game with great story. But the genre of games exist and don’t expect to like the gameplay if you don’t like stealth and survival horror. What you like and enjoy is unique to you… so game reviews shouldn’t really matter. There’s been so many shitty reviewed games that I enjoyed the hell out of. Same with anime. But if you don’t like it… just stop. The caveat is… you gotta give it some time. With shokugeki no soma I didn’t like the first episode… but I kept watching and it’s the shit. So good. I guess that’s kinda contradictory… but the point is you gotta see enough of something before you can write it off.

tl;dr - The Last of Us is an amazing game but not my style