So I've decided that Wednesday will henceforth be weekly blog day. I haven't been writing or keeping a diary consistently so now is the time.

First - the title. I got the thought today... I'm actually surprised that I'm not fat. The reason being is that I consume a copious amount of sugar and junk food. This morning I had three chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. And two glasses of whole milk. I've been having this breakfast the past week because I 'accidentally' bought a box of chocolate chip cookies. For lunch I eat the catered food that my company provides but I probably eat 2x the amount of a regular person. In the afternoon I usually get a boba tea or a mocha coffee. And consume a chocolate bar. And then for dinner I usually eat out.

It's weird because I was having the fat thought as I was speed walking to the gym to get to my Wednesday spin class. I was actually borderline sick today. There's been an office plague going around the Engineering team. I still haven't succumbed. But there's been many days where I felt not so well and borderline sick. Today was a particularly bad day - I was a dead man working for most of the day. Then around 4 pm I just told myself to give up on brute forcing my dead brain on working... and just get some more food. Another plate of food later I was feeling slightly recovered. Talked to a coworker about the way our caching is working and brainstormed possible solutions. Caching is hard. Incidentally - I just read a super interesting article here :

After the chat on caching it felt like my brain was working. Quickly got back to work and then built the feature I was suppose to build. It wasn't a difficult feature at all - I would say it's even straightforward. Just that when you're braindead and struggling to keep your eyes open... any programming task is difficult. After making a pull request I was good to leave since it was quite the accomplishment considering how sick I was feeling.

Left work at 6 to get home by 6:30 in order to make the 7pm spin class. I've been consistently going to my 7pm Wednesday spin class which is good. Last week was my recovered week. Halloween caused me to mess up my workout schedule. But generally speaking I workout consistently. There's 2 days of 5x5, yoga day, and spinning. So I actually exercise 4 days / week. Maybe that's why I'm not fat.

Last weekend was interesting. My friend was visiting San Francisco from Toronto. He flew into SF for an interview with crunchyroll. I showed him around town and it was really fun hanging out with him. We talked about some of the programming questions he got and he said he got pretty much all of them except some of them he needed hints. I asked him what the hardest question was and he was like the stock question on calculating the maximum profit. It's funny because I read the hackernews article on the solution to that problem. When I first encountered the article... I failed so fucking hard. It was like here is the problem. Do you have the solution? Yep. Click here! What about gotcha #1? Me: Shit. I just failed. Okay. Gotcha #1 is easy to fix. Click here. gotcha #2. Shit shit. Okay. Also easy to fix. Click here. Gotcha #3. Fuck. I must be a horrible programmer. No wait, I'm not actually thinking that hard. Okay click here for the real solution. Shiet son - just use the greedy algorithm.

I feel like so much of interviewing is just experience. And interviewing experience doesn't even translate to real engineering skills. So many people probably interview better than me but can't code. I feel so bad for interviewers who actually have to determine if you're good. It was funny because I got that exact interview question as I was job searching. I just went use the greedy algorithm. Then the guy was like. How do you *prove* the correctness of your algorithm. I *know* that it's correct unless I mis-implemented the greedy algorithm (unlikely). /shrug. I failed that interview because I felt it was too confrontational. I get annoyed when interviews become confrontational because it's not the way that I work well in and the way that real work happens. Even after I 'proved' that the algorithm worked he was like. I'm not convinced and then I just gave up. Well.. I didn't give up. I was like - prove that it doesn't work and I'll just leave. We were at an impasse and that was funny. Funny memories.

My friend wasn't that good in salary negotiations though. So I sent him this article I read and learned from on salary negotiations. It's funny because there's so many jobs that require x number of years of experience. And then there are recruiters who screen candidates by years of experience. And I think that while experience is really important - there are so many engineers that just do the same thing repeatedly. They have 5x the same 1 year experience. Which translates to one year experience. Or 10x the same 1 year experience which translates to 1 year experience. /shrug. End rant on recruiters.

I recently saw the ted talk on pushing your comfort zone. Which is something that I'm a big fan of. Experiencing new things make you grow and stuff. So what did I do this week that was new..? Hmmm. Well, I've been consistently updating so that's one. Then besides that I finished reading the book Smartcuts - How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success. Books are so amazing.

It's kinda strange because today as I was in my lyft line ride talking to the other passenger. He asked me what I did in my spare time - and I said I read and exercise which is true. But then I actually realized that this past week... I haven't played video games that much. I haven't been playing FFX remaster. I'm close to getting the platinum trophy. The only hard parts left is dodging lightning x200 and the chocobo race. I think I'll just pay Yojimbo to kill Penance and the other superboss for me.

I did play Street Fighter IV with my friend. Damn, I feel so rusty. Muscle memory helps but I was dropping combos left and right. I finally asked for my vacation. I'll be starting 2015 with -32 hours of vacation time accrued. =|

Right... I think exercise and sweat cures sickness. I was feeling really sick today and after going to spin class and sweating it out. I'm actually feeling much better.

tl;dr - when you're feeling sick... do some cardio</strong></p>