So I previously wrote a short python script that prints out the output of the number of days since the new year as well as the percent of the year that has passed.

Here's the output:
[ishida@ishida-fx420 random]$ python
73 days, 23:39:20.857819

This week was crazy. In so many ways. I guess I'll just write about the highlights. UFC 185. Blew my mind. I can't believe there exists a lightweight that Pettis wouldn't be capable of finishing given his record against the likes of Henderson/Melendez. That's just so shocking. You have a guy that outclassed previous champions... and then this guy comes and manhandles Pettis. That's pretty mindblowing. I guess it just means that you can't take past performance or beliefs as absolute. I mean... I think I'm an excellent Software Engineer... but maybe 2 years from now... I won't be excellent... I'll only be average? O.O. That's kinda of a scary though. Also one that's really hard to believe given how much confidence I have in my abilities and how much I read / work / practice. But I guess anything is possible.

I went to Barry's bootcamp in SF. It was an interesting experience. A bootcamp cost $30 so I don't think I'll be doing it regularly. It was my time bending exercise of the week. The guy to my right was a cardio machine. He was shorter than me... and he did intervals at 11 mph. I maxed out at 10mph. I guess... that kinda really surprised me. That someone shorter than me could easily run 11 mph. Aside from the expensiveness... I don't think I'll do it because I prefer to be able to track my workouts in detail and the whole do as many reps as you can is kinda not my thing.

Shiet, I'm really out of shape. There was a scale at the bootcamp. I'm currently 150 pounds which is the upper limit of my usual body weight. But my strength is at 60% of my upper limit. Which means I got a shit ton fatter since fat weighs less than muscle. That's kinda a depressing thought. I always aspire to be on the up and up and be in the best shape that I'm in. My software skills keep going up and up, and my I want my physical and mental to keep going on the up and up. I've been meditating 3x a week now and I think my mental is definitely in the best shape I am so far. I guess I just need to work on getting back into the best physical shape I've been in. I want to be able to do the muscle up again. And then try out the human flag. The human flag is something that's still on my physical list. Along with a 6 minute mile.

tl;dr - need to work on my physical side. My tech / mental abilities are at the best it's been thus far. but my physical is slipping so I need to start working out again. nerdy. with science.</strong></p>