[ishida@ishida-fx420 random]$ python days.py 
    132 days, 22:14:32.251400

I haven’t been blogging recently because in the back of my mind I’ve been planning the move to Jekyll and I didn’t want to add more to the wordpress that would grow the migration. I think I might have missed 3 weeks so I think this week will be a mega post. So much has happened and my brain was overflowing with thoughts from my work from yoga.

I guess I’ll just write about things in reverse chronological order since the most recent thing is the most fresh in my mind. I just had a bowl of delicious pho. The pho was picked up and delivered to my door… and it only cost me $10 after tip and everything. Well… it would’ve cost me $25 but then I have postmates delivery credits. I guess… it’s kind of crazy that I’m pretty much living the dream that I had originally wanted for myself. I wanted to live alone and be able to do whatever I want. And in a sense… that’s what I’m doing. I even have delicious food delivered to my doorstep. It’s pretty much only available in San Francisco.

On my way back to yoga a thought just randomly passed through me so I’ll quickly jot it down here. It’ll probably become a learnings post at some point in time. There’s this saying that stuck with me which is “There is nothing good or bad but just thinking that makes it so” or some variation of it. My own personal spin to that quote is that “there is nothing easy or hard but just thinking that makes it so”. Whenever I think something is going to be easy or something is going to be hard… it almost always ends up as being true. The Jekyll migration was something that I was putting off. I knew that it wouldn’t take me longer than a weekend…. but I just had to block off one weekend to make it happen. And when I spent my entire weekend hacking to make it work… it was actually so much fun. For me Software Engineering and solving problems is just so much fun. It’s kind of crazy that I get paid to do what I enjoy so much. At the same time… I think I’m almost ready to try something new. I guess… despite the fact that my current life is so comfortable and amazingly good… there’s something else that I want to achieve.

I went to Yosemite during the Mayweather fight weekend. I probably would’ve used the mega fight as an excuse to not go to Yosemite if I knew about it beforehand. The Yosemite trip really wore me down even though I enjoyed it immensely. I can see why Yosemite is considered a national treasure to California. It’s actually just very beautiful. Living in the city… it’s so rare for me to go to the wild and experience nature. At the same time… there were bugs everywhere and I came back with a shit ton of bug bites.

I worked from home the Monday after Yosemite because I was really sleep deprived and hungry. We took a tour bus which fed us… but the meals were vegetarian and stuff. Monday just reminded me of how amazing my life is. I got back from Yosemite. Took a nap. Ordered food to my house. Got instacart delivered. Did laundry. And then wrote some tests and code and even deployed to production. My job is so much fun and I appreciate it so much. I know that I’m already spoiled. All my jobs were in tech and I never had a micro manager to deal with or even preset hours where I had to get to work by blah.

I’m quite excited for Bay to Breakers this weekend. There was so much more that I felt like I wanted to write but then my brain isn’t working… peace out for now.