I finally bought a new phone. I got the Asus Zenfone 2 for $199. It’s an amazing phone. Except the battery life is atrocious. It didn’t even make it through a 12 hour stretch of fanime usage. Sigh. Too fail.

    147 days, 1:38:22.522782

I previously wrote about how I spent a lot of time just waiting… waiting for the phone to come out. And I finally got it. And it’s nothing special. It’s just a phone. I can see a lot of positives in the new phone… the camera is really nice. But there are also huge flaws in the shitty battery life. And how asus piled a shit ton of bloatware / useless shit. And they have shitty UI. Sigh. Vanilla android is the best.

So I went to Fanime this weekend. I took the Caltrain to San Jose. Each day of the con… I took the 1:15 caltrain from SF and would arrive at 3:30pm. I am not a morning person. Even though I wanted to go to the con earlier. I guess if I go next year I’ll be sure to just get a hotel. I got lots of pictures with good cosplayers which I’ll be sharing on my instagram.

Wow. It’s already almost June. And I’ll be going to Toronto for a month. That’s kind of crazy. I’m not sure how Toronto is going to be… I guess it’s going to be lots of Tim Hortons… and delicious food. Last time I went back was 2 years ago or was it one year ago? Last time I went back… I lost over 3 months of 5x5 workout gains because all I did was eat food and get fat in Toronto… This time I’ll be sure to exercise properly. Just doing some daily pushups and body weight squats should hopefully make the setback only 1 month this time.

I’m actually kind of… wary of going back. I mean. I miss my family, and toronto food… and friends. But at the same time… my family isn’t really good for me mentally. The asian family is like… there are only flaws and limitations. Whereas in America… it’s all about opportunity. /shrug.