I’m finally back from vacation. I was actually back about a week ago… or almost two weeks ago. But I spent most of the time resting. This week is the first week that I started following my usual routine.

I finished my first workout yesterday. I only lost about 2 months of working out. So not as bad as the 6 months prior. I struggled a lot to run 2,2 miles in 20 minutes. And then after squatting like… 75 pounds… I got crazy leg cramps. It was kinda interesting because the girl beside me was squatting more than me. Today I went to spin class and it was so amazing.

I spent 4 weeks in Toronto followed by 5 days in LA. LA was vacation and Toronto was semi vacation. I was working remotely in Toronto but then I had lots of tasty food and I consider it almost vacation. The thing I realized is that… my usual life is so amazing. The current place that I had, my work, my weekly routines. It’s better to me than vacation. Both for my mental and physical health and just for my overall happiness. Living with my family actually made me… less happy. Kinda weird right. /shrug.

I went to anime expo. It was kind of a crazy experience. I was definitely a bit overwhelmed since I’m uh.. not fond of crowds. And it was really freaking crowded. Even more so than Fanime.

San Francisco life is so good compared to Canada. I gots the Lyft to drive me to places. I got the instacart to deliver me groceries. And I got the Postmates to deliver me boba. And amazon prime. Amazon prime is so amazing. Amazon.com is so much better than amazon.ca.

The good thing about my vacation is that I spent some time reading. I finished two books that I’ll eventually review. The art of asking and Trying not to try. Both books were recommended to me via a philosophy blog post I think. Both are philosophical and mental in nature. I feel that… I have all this amazing abilities… and that I can do so much… but it’s like my mental is off sometimes.

I also recently finished Fate/Stay night Unlimited Blade Works. The anime is so good.

There was something else that I wanted to write about… but my mind is struggling to recall it. So I guess I’ll just stop here. My weekly update should hopefully resume weekly. And this is a mega post recounting random things I remember from my vacation.