I’m doing a lot of javascript at work. It’s uhh… pretty interesting. I should probably write a programming article on it at some point. I think my javascript is at a level where I’m fully functional which means that I can build whatever it is that I want. But the way that javascript works at work is that I would classify it as “Enterprise Javascript” which means that the javascript is all megacorp and fancy. Not hack and make it work. I guess it’s really important to know how to write uh… proper enterprise like javascript. But I guess since I don’t really enjoy front end work… it doesn’t interest me. I guess this is what they mean that you should only go for what you’re passionate about. I feel like all my PR’s get massive scope creeped because I have to refactor to do it the ‘proper’ way. /shrug. I’ve spent a lot of time learning this new javascript library. I think all javascript libraries have a steep learning curve before it actually helps you out… which I guess I rather be able to do stuff right away.

I feel like I’m just totally crushing it at work. I think… the Toronto time made me uh… appreciate what I have so much more. Like… I take for granted that although work can be stressful and take up large chunks of my life… in the end it’s something that I enjoy immensely. It’s fortunate that I really enjoy what I’m paid to do. Today at 24h fitness… it turns out my 24h fitness membership expired. So… it’s been officially 2 years since I moved into my current location. Wow. That’s kinda crazy. I’ve been in SF for… 2 years + 7 months. I spent the first 7 months in a luxury condo with free gym membership so I didn’t need 24h fitness. Wow. I guess…. next January will be my 3 year anniversary at SF. Time goes by… pretty fast.

I still need to write about the books I read. But I’m currently reading this book on anxiety. It’s called my age of anxiety. Yesterday I spent the day googling what it means to be a psychopath. Unfortunately… or fortunately I’m not a psychopath. Since psychopaths do not feel anxiety or fear. Which I feel both. = . I kinda wish I was a psychopath so I wouldn’t feel fear and anxiety. I randomly bought $60 worth of clothes from hollister online today. It’ll get shipped to my apartment. American life is so sweet. Like… for $60 I got a pair of jeans + 5 shirts. Shipped to my doorstep. I’m started to accumulate so much stuff. Too much stuff.

I recently discovered Zanze’s cheesecake. My mind is blown. I had a $20 small cheesecake delivered to my doorstep. The delivery + tip was like $20. The otaku life in SF. I don’t think I’ll be able to get that in Japan. I’d need to buy my own cheesecake. For shame. I’ve been listening to Last Stardust on infinite loop at work. Last Stardust was such an amazing insert song. And the flashback for Shiro… it’s so hauntingly beautiful. I need to start planning my days again. I’ve just been free forming it. So now… for tomorrow. I gotta merge my mega pr at work and start on a new service. I’ll be going to hip hop class after work. And then I’ll write an article on my favorite pair of headphones. The Sennheiser 598s. My big 3 things for tomorrow.