I don’t remember if I wrote weeklies… I think I definitely skipped a few. But… moral of this post will be just showing up.

It doesn’t matter how many sets of weights you do at the gym. What matters is that you got to the gym. Similarly… it doesn’t matter about pretty much anything… you just gotta show up and try.

The default… is always the easy thing to do. It’s so much easier to stay home and do nothing. It’s so much easier to not take action. It’s so much easier just to sleep, and go on autopilot. You gotta do the harder thing… because in the end the harder thing is always better. even though… maybe in the moment it was sucky… you’ll always be glad you experienced the crap.

I guess the time bend / highlight of the week is that I tried out for a dance workshop. It was a free dance class imo. Totally worth it. And. I got invited back to become an understudy. So I get more free dance classes. teehee. And I also get to meet some super cool people. So much scary things… that I did. I’m still waiting for the outcomes of some of my actions… we’ll see.