It’s day 3 of my vacation. Spin class was cancelled… even though it was my most looked forward to activity of the day. I had Senor Sisig for lunch and it was delicious. Ovo cafe is still closed for renovation. I think… renovation in US just takes forever. I thought my laundromat would have taken a month. It’s now been 6 months+ with no end in sight. Sigh. Laundry is my most difficult task of the week. I guess… I need to appreciate how spoiled I am. That walking 2 blocks to do laundry is my most difficult task of the week.

I went to the gym yesterday at 1am. I’m still far weaker than my peak physical shape. So it’s time to focus on working out in my time off. I also tried to practice hip hop at the 24h fitness. But… it was hard because I didn’t actually have the individual songs. I only had the full mix which made it hard to practice non stop. I still need to learn the Monsta song. It looks so easy… but when I try to do it. It’s hard.

The other day I had a thought which I’ll probably eventually dedicate an entire post to. It’s that.. you can only willpower yourself so much in real life. In anime and manga you see characters overcome all odds with sheer force of will and belief in themselves… but the reality is willpower can only do so much. I think my willpower great… but even with my great willpower I can’t force myself to lift 2x my max weight. Or use my willpower and translate something into skill such as basketball or dancing. You use willpower to make yourself practice… and the practice is what translate into skill / ability. Willpower by itself can’t really take you that far.

I recently finished Isshuukan Friends and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Stardust Crusaders. I’ll write reviews on those while I’m on break. Isshuukan Friends was a nice change from the typical anime that I watch. I guess… it reminded me of some good memories that I had growing up. And Jojo is like the modern day Shaman King. It’s the type of anime that I normally enjoy watching. Jojo is just an unstoppable force.