Hmmm. It’s wednesday which means my weekly retrospective or whatever. I’m writing this post on Wednesday night… and uh. It’s kinda crazy because my concept of weekdays and time is way off. It feels… so foreign to me that today is Wednesday - even though it is. I think it’s because in my vacation time… it’s only differentiated by wake time vs sleep time. Vacation has been great. I sleep when I’m tired and eat when I’m hungry. And I don’t really plan my days but I get to do what I’ve been meaning to do.

Let’s start with today and go backwards. Hmmm. I woke up at 3pm. Probably bad but I’m borderline sick so it’s okay. I think I’m like sick/recovering from the flu. I’m not deathly sick but I was having a stuffy/runny nose and some tiredness. Anyways. Woke up at 3pm… made a small lunch. Then wasted time. Oh. Watched Free. I started watching Free. So far Free has been different from what I imagined. I’m enjoying it quite a bit cause seeing hot guys makes me inspired to work out and exercise. I could be that hot guy. Watched Free and then went to spin class at 6pm. Spin got moved up one hour because thanksgiving and holidays. The class consisted of four people and I was one of the 4. I’m quite proud. Dedication. Hard work.

I got a entire large pizza for dinner and tomorrow. I’ll be staying home and playing video games on Thanksgiving. And of course… being thankful and refreshing slickdeals hoping for a deal on the Sennheiser HD 650. Last year I got the 598s for $100 this year I’m hoping to get the HD 650 for $200 or less.

Yesterday I went to City Sports gym or whatever. It’s right next to SFSU. I’m surprised that I never visited SFSU… I plan on visiting sometimes next week and just doing some reading outside of the library. I went to yoga/spin yesterday at City Sports. The spin class at City Sports was so good. The bikes there are so much nicer… there’s a digital display that shows what gear you’re on and your rpm so that there’s metrics to keep track of how hard / fast you’re going. Yesterday was intense. I went yoga at 4:30. Then one hour of working out. Then another hour of spin. So I was at city sports for 3 hours. Then right after that… we went to Kome for all you can eat sushi buffet. I think we got there at like 830. And we thought the place closed at 12. But it closes at 900. Which meant that we only had 30 minutes of all you could eat sushi. I managed to eat 6 eel handrolls and a bunch of other food. They let us stay until 930 but we couldn’t get more food at 900. I ended up stacking 3 plates at 900 in order to pig out. It was… kinda bad since at the end of the buffet I reached my max buffet level which is when I can’t sit up straight and walk like a pregnant lady. Kinda regret it but at the same time it was sooooo delicious. Well. 3 hour of gym balanced by all you can eat sushi I guess.

Monday… I did 2 hours of yoga and went to spin class. And I also went to the dance practice. Even though I didn’t dance at all since the group is practicing for the December performance where I won’t be performing. The practice is just the finishing touches and I basically got to see the show in advance. It was pretty cool and I’m excited to actually take part in the future events.

Unfortunately Sunday seems like forever ago. So… gonna stop. Plus I already wrote more than what I expected of myself. It’s all about just starting and putting in the work.

I guess to summarize Thanksgiving 2015. It’s kinda of an early retrospective… but I’m really thankful for everything that’s happened in 2015. 2015 is definitely my best year yet. And I think… so far each year is on track to surpass the previous. Even though physically… I’m still weaker than my prime in 2014. I’ve grown and accomplished so much. I guess I traded some of my gym / physical abilities for more mental / skills. Totally worth it. There’s so much that I’m thankful for that this short summary won’t do it justice. I’ll write a post purely for what I’m thankful for. I guess right now I’m just thankful that I have pizza and video games.