So… dance performance tech is in… 1.5 hours. Performance is in less than 24 hours. And 2nd performance is Sunday. Blargh. Hmmmm. It’s been awhile since I performaned. I guess the last time I performed was piano when I was uh… actively practicing as a kid / young adult. Hmmmm. I think… I’m just much more confident in piano since I have more experience with it. Dance I’ve only been doing for a few months. Shrug. Whatever. Even if I fail spectacularly and just end up doing the african dance off beat I think it’ll be okay. I guess there’s nothing to worry about. Maybe I’ll become the William Hung of hip hop.

Today I visited SFSU. The campus was okay. I think every american campus that I’ve visited thus far is nicer than Waterloo simply by virtue of location. I mean… I remember lining up for the Burger King grand opening in Waterloo. Burger King opening was a… major event. Since burger king represented one of the top food choices available on campus. That’s… kinda sad but whatever.

My sennheiser 598 arrived. I realize now… how crazy spoiled I am. I just threw away my Sennheiser CX-200 earphones. I think they were $30 when I got them. But at this point… I have so many pair of earphones… that the fact that one of the ears stopped working made the $30 earphone disposable. Back in the day… I would only buy $5 earphones. I guess… I’ve 6x my income and spending since the poor college days. Well… probably more. But whatever.

Work is back to normal… in like… 3 days. Only 3 more days to play the epilogue. Of Starcraft. Blargh. No time. No time. Panic. Shrug. I’ve been reading this book on CBT. It basically says that all your emotions come from your thoughts. There’s nothing to panic about because… I’ll survive regardless. I could bomb the performance and I’ll survive. I could just skip work and quit and I’ll survive. There’s nothing to fear. =

I forget what I wanted to write about…. hmmm. I saw a doctor today. Neosporin… I’m allergic to neosporin. Bleh. I was wondering why my cuts were mind blowingly itchy. I guess now I know. I was worried that I have a flesh eating itch bacteria or something. I also uh… asked about vaccines / drugs for my Dominican Republic trip in april. I think I might need to get a Hep A vaccine.

I also finally got the Chase Sapphire Preferred 50k points. I was approved for the card a few days back. I’ll probably write a post on the thankfulness of achieving my dreams. I guess. When I first moved here in 2013… my dream was to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred, the Citi AA, and the Baraclay World card. And now… I have all 3. I have all 3 + British Airways CC. Wow. All my CC came true. It’s crazy that… by having more income… you get access to more free stuff and more free money. I guess that’s why billionaires get to go to fancy parties and have caviar for free.

Gonna take a nap… I’ll plan to write more organized posts in the future. Right now it’s just freeform I guess… since I want to develop the habit of writing… before I try and write well.