I was planning on starting to write about ted talks… but it’s now 3am and I’m feeling really lazy.

I went to the gym today. I feel like such a badass. It was raining like crazy today. And I stayed at work until like 9pm. I was planning on skipping the gym again. But then I have a some beats none and never miss twice inspirational quote just lying around. I told myself I would just do stretches and then… some pushups at home. But then I just decided to go for a walk. To buy some milk… since that was 3 blocks away. Bought milk, came back. And decided it was time for the gym. Got to the gym at 12am. Worked out until about 1am. Came home. And then started watching some ted talks.

I’ve been meaning to write about my thoughts on various ted talks. Since I spend a lot of my time watching ted talks instead of tv shows. I guess that’ll wait til the weekend. Lucky for me I have tomorrow off… which is why I managed to get myself to the gym I guess. It’s all about the process. Hard work and dedication. There was a time when I thought I hit my physical plateau. Then… I realized I was going to the gym 6 times a month instead of 12 times a month. Or more.