I had lunch with Alb. We went all the way to Richmond for this vietnamese place. It was on uh.. noreiga. The pho was meh… but I got two boxes of takeout which is apparently really good. I went to the doctor to get my hep a / hep b vaccines today. Sigh. One medical… and scheduling just drive me nuts. I schedule my doctor appointment for 11:40. Get there for 11:40. See doctor at 11:45… then the doctor doesn’t give me my shots. No. The doctor is too good for that. Instead I need to wait.. and then I waited for 45 minutes. The doctor didn’t even put me into the lab queue. Blargh. Doctors are fail. I can’t wait til robots replace doctors. It’s good that I’m a software engineer… my job will be the last to be replaced. Before that… I need to replace doctors, lawyers and horrible service people with robots.

I did a post code freeze deploy today. I feel so badass. Needed to get the director of engineering to sign off. Too jokes. I woke up extra early to deploy.. but in the end I had to wait. Whatever. It’s deployed and I improved performance while also feeling like a badass. Life is good. I went to spin class today. There was only… 4 people in the class including me. I think that’s what I always expect. That people in general are lazy. I’m planning on going to yoga this saturday which is boxing day. I wonder if yoga will be packed. I’m always so surprised when saturday yoga is packed because… saturday morning.. it’s so hard to wake up for yoga. Even I miss classes half the time.

My sennheiser 650 is heavenly. I’m gradually burning it in… I can’t wait til it’s compeleted and the sound gets even better. I wore my fitbit to spin. Turns out… I only hit 120 bpm or so in spin class. I wonder what my interval training on the treadmill would be. The treadmill says my heart rate was 190. But now I’m skeptical. Since I only hit 120 doing spin.

I got my 2nd instacart order. I’ll be making grilled cheese at home soon… over the break. Even though I don’t have a frying pan. It’ll be an adventure. Looking forward to a nice break of not leaving the house. Doing laundry is still my hardest task of the week. And… I’m mid laundry now. I can’t wait to read some of the books that’s in my backlog while listening to music with my new headphones.