Wow. It’s officially the end of 2015. What a year. I’ll be writing an annual review post to look at my year and stuff. But for now here’s the weekly update.

I went to the gym yesterday. I still… can’t seem to get stronger. I think it’s my lack of sleep and diet. Plus I haven’t been going consistently enough. Oh well. So my fitbit charge HR has proven my theories. My heart rate just randomly spikes to 190. For about a minute or 2. It’s happened twice this week. It’s kinda crazy. I’m not sure if I wanna see a doctor because I’m pretty sure the doctor can’t really do anything. Despite this… I ran a marathon… and my heart rate during spin class is always below 130. So my cardio is fine. I dunno what and why my heart rate spikes to 190. It seems to have no cause. One time it happened just after I got back from lunch after a walk home. Dunno. Whatever. I guess as long as it’s rare and short it’s fine.

There was a free wings promo today and I got myself some wings. Wings are so tasty. It’s probably bad for my health… but still so tasty. I also went to spin. It was quite the challenge. I took at nap from 6~7 and got to spin late. I still went though because… I know I won’t be getting any exercise for the next 3 days. Working from home today was pretty sweet. Woke up, wrote some code… got called to fix a p0 and figured it out. Life is good.

I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona today. Wow. It’s like travelling back in time. Penelope Cruz is so hot. I think the movie reminds me of the lying to yourself thought. I started reading this book on pushing yourself to the edge… and there was a chapter on limiting beliefs. I think I still have some limiting beliefs in certain areas in my life. Limiting beliefs is like lying to yourself only worse. Since you think it’s the truth and don’t bother challenging it. In a way.. it’s worse than lying to yourself because when you lie to yourself you know that you’re lying. A limiting belief is like… a total blind spot. Pretty interesting book… and I guess it reminded me all about meta-cognition and meta-learning. Learning how to learn and looking at how you look at things. Deep yo.

Reading code is so much harder than writing code. I think this has been written about previously so I won’t go too much into it. It’s crazy how much brainpower I need to review code. That’s probably why I generally avoid reviewing code from people who are better than me. Or I think are better than me. For new years eve I’ll be working in the morning to midday. The plan is to review the mega PR that my coworker sent me and to fix this small test. No biggie. Get it done. Then play a ton of baldurs gate 2 enhanced edition.

I started playing baldur’s gate 2 enhanced edition. It’s kinda crazy. It’s like. I played the game before… and a lot of it feels like deja vu and nostalgia. Playing the game… made me realize something. I made a monk… and I had to look up the optimal monk build/items and skills etc. I think… until I maximize my monk.. it kinda takes away from the enjoyment of the game. And the way that I approach it is a reflection of my life. I try to maximize my stats in real life. The physical, mental, financial, spritual, relationships etc. Sometimes that takes away my ability to enjoy the present and enjoy the process. It’s something that I’ve become aware of and am addressing.

I also bought a panini press. It was only $30. And I figured that I’d break even after making like 6 sandwiches. I’m pretty excited to have it delivered by amazon tomorrow. Amazon is pretty great.