Wow. The xkcd here is just so perfect.

Man. I feel so old. I started watching Hanzawa Naoki and uh… Aya Ueto is playing a married waifu. Wow. Damn. It’s like… actresses that use to play flight attendants are now playing waifu… it means they got older and I also got hella older. I’m attracted to waifu actresses now. O.O

I went to the gym today in the rain… which was good I feel kinda badass. I missed the first yoga of the year… but I’m gonna let it go.. because my sleeping was honestly messed up. The drama is so dramatic. I guess that’s the whole point of drama and tv shows. To show us the unrealistic scenario of the one in a gazillion. While I’m sure the stuff happens… it probably doesn’t happen exactly this way. It’s like… the rare parallel universe where the stars align and everything mixes into a great drama.

I started watching the drama because it was highly rated and it was on my watch list. And I recently read a blog post on the Japanese salaryman by Patrick McKenzie aka Patio11. Japanese culture is so… interesting I guess. On one hand you undoubtedly have the crazy customs and stuff… on the other hand they somehow manage to make shit work despite the craziness and churn out amazing anime/drama/electronics. It’s weird.

Tomorrow is the first day of kpop dance class. It’ll be nice to be just in the class and not doing a workshop. Regular class is so much more fun.

Wow. Flashback of a scene in the same episode. That drives me nuts. Blargh. Flashback twice of a scene in the same episode. Also drives me nuts.