I missed my tuesday workout. It was forecasted to rain.. so I didn’t go. Then I stayed up until 4am… and it didn’t rain. Regret.

I went to spin today. It started raining like crazy mid walk there. I ran and survived. On the way back I just gave up and embraced the rain. I was fully soaked when I got back home. But I went to spin class so life is good.

I recently finished Kanzaki Naoki. I’ll probably write a jdrama review. It’s quite interesting… the most annoying thing for me was the substory / side arc. Cause that character was lame.

I think I have kinda an inverse new years resolution. You know how people always have new years resolutions and then they never stick to it? I always slack off in the first two weeks of the year before I get serious. Dunno why. I mean. It’s weird… every year in January you see the gym crowd up and tons of new people sign up. But by February / March it’s back to the usual where there’s not that many people. Then again… maybe I’m like other people. Except it’s not fitness that I fail at but my side projects or whatever.

But either way… looking back at 2015… it was amazing. And I’m sure that 2016 will be even better. So while I’m taking it easy the first two weeks and not really going to the gym and working / reading books. I know that my good habits are there and the foundation is strong. My year will be good.. even if it’s off to a bad start.

Doing laundry is still the hardest thing of the week for me. I’m down to my 2nd last pair of clean underwear. That’s a first… I would’ve already done laundry today but then the rain. Sigh. It’s predicted to rain tomorrow and friday as well. So… if I shower tomorrow night.. Friday will be my last day of clean underwear. O.O”