I just got back from spin class and cooked dinner. So far in 2016… I’ve missed 3/3 weekday workouts. Kinda disappointed… but it’s my own fault. Plus… I know that I’ll eventually get back on track so I’m not too worried.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep prioritizing work over stuff I’d rather do. Even when there’s no work pressure for me to do that. No one forces me to think about / work a lot except me. Yet… I still work more to the point that it’s causing me to miss workouts. I guess it’s all excuses. I mean… I’m the only one that can decide what to do. Like how I decided to go to spin today by leaving work early. I just gotta decide to not overwork myself so I don’t get too tired to go to the gym.

This monday’s dance practice was so much fun. We had a guest instructor teach us house dance. I’m not a master jacker. Lol. The jack. It’s such a funny name for a dance move. And the reverse jack is too jokes. I was trying not to laugh learning it… but couldn’t help but smile.

I’ve been watching detective vs detective. I also finally got the hard copy of the sports psychology book so I’ll be reading that this weekend. I’m looking forward to just going back to the weekly schedule of a book a week. Contact lenses are the best. I just recently started wearing contact lenses more. And it feels so amazing to see the world so clearly all the time. Like… no need to clean the glasses… and you can like look at angles beyond the frame. I think I’ll probably get laser eye surgery at some point in the future.