Last week I went to the SF / norcal shuffle gathering. I learned how to c-step and t-step. It was quite fun.

I just got back from spin. I had to force myself to leave work… because there’s always the temptation to stay. I dunno why. So much paperwork for work recently. There’s like 10 pages of forms to fill out cause we got new HR stuff. HR is my least favorite department. Paperwork for the sake of paperwork. Sigh. And Jira. Jira makes me sad. It’s like…creating work for no freaking reason. But whatever. I guess once you reach a certain scale then you need something like jira. Even though it’s gross and makes me wanna puke.

I went to the gym yesterday night and I’m almost back in 90% strength which is good. I think I’m starting to fall back into my good habits and the usual schedule. My weekly schedule is dance/gym/spin/gym/rest/yoga/gym. With lots of reading in between. And video games of course. Even though I’ve been uh… watching a lot of pointless TV in the new year. I think that was just my new year’s splurge and I’m pretty much back on track.

I’ve planned out my april dominican republic trip for my cousin’s wedding. That’s the only trip that I have fully planned. I also bought myself the coolest toy. Treat yoself. I’ll write about that once it arrives and write a review. I feel kinda… spoiled but whatever. Treat yoself.

One of the tech leads is leaving. He’s quite impressive in a sense that I would say that he’s slightly better than me despite that fact that he’s younger by like.. 3 years or so. Other people are so talented. Why can’t I be talented? I wish I were smarter (school rumble reference).