Wow. This week is kinda… crazy. Well for one thing it’s already February.

This Sunday is super bowl weekend… and I have to work in the office. It’s not too bad since I only need to get in at 1pm… which means I get the usual Sunday mega sleep.

The new office location is announced. It’s first and market which is a 10 minute walk from my house. Super excited for that. No more taking the disgusting bus for 30 minutes. Although… in retrospect it’s like… boo hoo I gotta take a bus for 30 minutes… when in reality the 30 minute commute is almost the best that I’ve ever had. The only better one is a 10 minute drive from my old house to IBM. But IBM work was… soul sucking.

I failed my tuesday workout.. and it was so bad. Missing my workout is definitely not trying enough and just being dumb. I think it’s important to notice the difference between when I’m trying vs being lazy. On extreme.. imagine if you could go back in time to your 4 year old self. Of course you’d be able to fix all your mistakes and stuff since you are so much older. But what if that mistake was just a day back. Doesn’t the day back mistake of trying your best equate to the analogy of the 4 year old self? I dunno… but it’s hard to tell I guess. Only you can judge yourself in that regard.

I need to do my taxes soon. Soon. So much taxes. The oncall. I wanna just sleep. I still have some vacation planning to do and other stuff… but we’ll see. My brain is just… melted now. Sleep soon… soon.