So I just got back from Tuesday game night at Folsom Street Foundry. Man. I think it’s like… only in Calfornia / SF that you have a weekly event in a bar where gamers meet up to play Starcraft / Smash Bros / Street Fighter / Mario Kart / Guitar Hero / other games and drink. Only in San Francisco. It’s a pretty cool place to be. Man. I gotta say. I was feeling hella salty towards the end though. I played N64 smash bros where I declare myself as an advanced player. And uh… I met this semi pro / pro amateur player who ranks 3/32 when he goes to tournaments… and I got crushed. Blargh. The cool thing was that towards the end he started teaching me moves that I forgot. Oh. I made a new facebook friend. He’s a software engineer that works in fidi so we’ll soon be working near each other. I’m sure we’ll be able to meet to play more video games in the future.

Oh. I of course played Street Fighter IV. And uh… I was just really salty cause I fucking sucked. I couldn’t execute my moves properly. And uh… it’s funny because they always say that your greatest enemy is yourself. And in this case… I think I uh.. was defeated more by myself than my opponent. Not to say that my opponents were weak. They were quite good… but I don’t think the results reflected my ability. Somewhat disappointed. But now I’m feeling less salty. It was an interesting and fun experience. I still need to work on conquering my emotions I guess. The salt factor reminds me that I’m not fully in control And the thing is… I think overcoming emotion is essential to like… everything. It allows you to work under pressure and excel and stuff. Emotion is good as a overall compass… but I feel that it’s mostly a negative.

I keep forgetting how lucky I am. I had a team dinner with my coworkers. I’m pretty spoiled. Free dinner at a nice restaurant that I’ve never been to. And OMG. It’s too hilarious. I just randomly ran into two friends of mine from SF. I think at this point… since SF is just as small if not smaller than Toronto/Markham. I’ve uh… upped my SF factor. It’s like… wherever I go now in SF… it’s at this point more likely that I’ll run into someone I know than don’t. Sigh. I kinda like being anonymous. Cause… I don’t quite want to be famous yet.