I wanted to go to spin class today. I left work earlier to go. And as I left I ran into a coworker.

We lyft pooled back. I’ve been reading this happiness book… and been trying to put it into practice. Like… randomly running in coworker and sharing a lyft is a positive experience. I should’ve slowed down and learned that memory or whatever. But no biggie. Plenty of positive experiences in my life.

So I got home and packed all my stuff and got dressed. It was raining but I didn’t use that as an excuse. I told myself I’d just leave the building and if it was crazy rain I’d walk back. And it was crazy rain… so I just walked back.

So tired at work. There’s just been so much to do. I’ve been doing mega PR reviews. Like 6000+ lines of code. That took hours and was crazy tiring. I wonder how gosu people manage to read code faster than I can read text…

Instacart delivery is happening later today. So I get fresh fruit despite it being crazy rain. Life is good.