I’ve been making stupid retarded decisions recently. So sleepy right now. I got borderline sick this past week… and yet I’ve only been sleeping for 5 hours per day. I’ve been surviving on caffine and sugar. Blargh. And yet…. each night I continue to just waste my life doing random shit and not sleep. Dunno.

On the other hand… since I was sick I skipped gym this Tuesday/Thursday. I decided to go to the gym today and uh… even though I was extremely sleep deprived… I still put in my reps. It’s all about the process and just showing up. And it’s good that I did show up. I think… whenever I miss my process… I actually have an itch to go back and fix it. So that’s good.

My dad’s visiting tomorrow. That’ll be fun. I’ll get to go to a nice fancy steakhouse. Also the cheesecake factory.