I just got back from shuffling and I feel freaking great. I was sleep deprived and feeling crappy for most of the day. I think it’s because I missed 3 workouts. I think something that I’ve learned multiple times is to always follow the process no matter what. It’s like… whenever I get tired and stop working out… it just becomes a death spiral. Whenever I get lazy and stop meditating… I just go into rage mode spiral.

I think… working out when sleep deprived and stressed out at work all the time paradoxically makes me more energetic. I mean sure… It takes energy to go to the gym and stuff… but 2 hours of sleep is probably worse than 2 hours less of sleep with a decent workout and meditation.

I took a video with Miles sensei to mark my 2 month progress. It’s pretty neat. I gotta work the next two saturdays. Blargh. I’m not the type to complain.. but I do think the workload is intense. At the same time… there have been people that work longer hours than me at my company. And from what I hear of other people who work 80 hours a week.. I guess it’s not too bad. It’s just that I really miss having a nice day on the weekend just to go out and read a book in a coffee shop. I’m down to my last two pairs of underwear. Which means I gotta spend all of Sunday doing laundry. /shrug.

Everything is easy. There’s no point in thinking it’s hard. Cause it’ll be hard if I think it’s hard and it’ll be easy if I think it’s easy. So why make it hard on myself. Tomorrow is gonna be easy. Saturday is gonna be easy. Then laundry sunday will be easy. Life is fucking good.