Just got back from shuffle. Today I learned the spin. Woot. Woot. Sigh. I really didn’t want to go because… of the back injury from playing laptop starcraft. But then I told myself that I’d just go and do everything at half speed and learn the spin at half speed. So I went. And it was great. Even though I know the right action I still struggle man… the struggle is real. Even though I’ve built the habit of going to the gym… I still much rather stay home and play video games… even though I know that after the gym I’ll feel like da MVP. I still feel hella lazy sometimes. Man. I guess it really never gets easier. Sigh.

Work has been crazy. I had to do a revert today… and it was a revert on code that I reviewed and helped deploy. I do think that you should feel comfortable deploying the code that you reviewed because you are responsible for it. But damn. My perfect revert record is ruined. Ruined. Actually… I probably had to revert before this but whatever. I just don’t remember it.

I started doing the design interview at work recently and today was the 2nd candidate that I interviewed. It’s good that my intuition is correct. I was a no on him and I think the general consensus was that he was slightly weak / junior and we’re already out of junior training capacity. I’m still hoping to meet a candidate that’ll put me in awe. But I think it’s… statistically unlikely but I can only hope.

Sundays has been my chores day and Saturday is now a work day. It’s crazy because… I woke up saturday earlier for work than I ever did even for yoga. Like… I prioritize work over yoga. Bleh. Next 2 weekends are still work before I can take a breather. So looking forward to a true weekend where I can just do nothing and play video games. Soon. Soon.